How I Gained Followers.

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“How’d you get so many followers?” I get this question all the time in comments and emails. It’s not the easiest question to answer quickly and I think it’s time we talk about it.

There are thousands of much bigger blogs out there than Beaus and Bows. There are currently 15,982 of you following and reading along, but it wasn’t always that way. I don’t have all the answers or some kind of fancy algorithm to get you tons of followers. I honestly don’t know exactly what got you all here, but I can give you some tips on what I think has worked for me.

Consistency is key. You might be thinking I’m a little hypocritical for saying so because I do take breaks here and there, but hear me out. When you start blogging on a regular schedule, people know when to expect your content and when to come back to see it. For instance, when I’m on my A game, I will post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You might not have even noticed my schedule, but it’s there to help give me and you some structure.

Write about what you love. The blogosphere has expanded into this never ending waterfall of opinions and information. You can find blogs on absolutely anything these days. Caverns, planes, robots, literature, literally anything. There are people out there writing about their passions everyday and that’s what you should be doing too. Write about what you love. Write about what’s important to you.

Be honest. Insincerity is so obvious and can easily turn readers off from your content. Keeping things honest makes the blogging experience great for me and you. I get to share my opinions, thoughts, and beliefs in an open format and you can share yours too. We have conversations and debates every single day about all sorts of things because of the honest and open environment Beaus and Bows has become.

Have a chat. Speaking of conversations, interaction with people who are reading is so important. I like to think that we could talk about anything in the comments, Facebook, Twitter, or in an email. I make a point to answer every single comment I receive not only because I love talking to you, but because I want you to know you’re being heard. There isn’t a robot on the other side of the computer writing this post, it’s me. Tara.

Get social. This is not something I’m entirely great at, but being active on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and the like can not only strengthen your social media presence, but act as promotion for your blog. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you are notified every single time a new blog post goes up. Besides blog exposure, social media can offer your readers the opportunity to get to know you on a more personal level as well as hear from you more often. Being a part of a chat like the #bbloggerschat on Twitter will help you get in contact with other people who write about what you love. There’s a time to share links and talk about the night’s topic too.

Share the love. Besides social media and chats, it’s always good to visit other bloggers’ blogs. Leave them a comment on their posts and be a part of the conversation, but don’t monopolize it into self promotion. Making new friends and expanding your circle is great, but someone else’s blog post isn’t a personal billboard for you to advertise your blog.

The most important thing I could tell you would be to be yourself. Be authentic, honest, and truthful to who you are.

If you have any other questions about anything blog related, leave them below so we can keep the conversation going. If you have any tips to add (I’m no pro.), definitely let us know in the comments so we can all have the opportunity to grow and support each other.

-Tara Joy

80 thoughts on “How I Gained Followers.

  1. loveleeblog

    Amazing post, I will listen to your ideas and hopefully they lead me on the path I want to. I was wondering how to do that thing where you highlight lets say Twitter and it leads to your Twitter profile?I usually write over my phone so i cant seem to find it xx

  2. beautyholics101

    Thanks for all your tips! Our blog was launched a little over a month ago, and we just started an Instagram to publicize it on social media – I’ve noticed a big difference in traffic since we started promoting things on Instagram. Congratulations to you for reaching so many followers, and how long have you been blogging for?

  3. chubaoyolu

    Yep. My blog definitely showed a perceptible uptick in growth when I started commenting on other blogs for sure. That’s a big tip which is sort of counterintuitive if you don’t know how this stuff works. The truth is that if you comment on other blogs, and those comments are insightful, thoughtful, and helpful, some people will follow you back to your own blog to see what you are all about. It is a win win situation for the blogger whose blog you hopefully enriched with your words, and for you who attracted people to your own blog because of your contribution. I will also add patience to this list. Even if you do everything spectacularly well, it will probably take you on the order of 12 – 28 months to really start to get regular visitors, comments etc. Well written post, thanks for sharing.

    • Tara Joy

      Of course! The commenting thing is great for so many reasons. You’re exposed to more content, you get to be a part of a conversation, and if people are interested, they’ll take a peek at what you do too! Patience is key.

      -Tara Joy

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