Currently In My Brows.

Tara Applying NYX Brow Mascara in Black

There once was a time, not too long ago, where filling in my eyebrows never occurred to me as a thing people did. I would do my full face and leave my little face caterpillars naked. The day I started filling them in changed everything and I haven’t been able to turn back. I’ve flirted with a couple of different brow products here and there and have certain  ones designated for different looks. Even though I have options, I’ve found myself going back to my first brow love, but coupling it with something that offers a little more hold.

Who’s surprised that I’ve gotten back into MAC Mystery? It was the first product I ever used to fill in my brows and it’s still just as good as it’s always been. It’s a neutral, deep, matte brown and I still love applying it with the MAC 266 angled brush. For a step-by-step on how I use this bad boy, I did a (still relevant) post on it way back when.

I think my brows are becoming a bit unruly. Every once in a while I’ll look in the mirror and see a rebellious hair or two going against the grain and I’ve felt like they need some extra taming. I dug out the NYX Brow Mascara in Black to whip my brows into shape. It holds everything in place and adds a cool, dark brown tint that fills in anything I might have missed. I used it all on its own in my brow routine done three ways for light makeup looks.

-Tara Joy

19 thoughts on “Currently In My Brows.

  1. theletterkayblog

    Your eyebrows are amazing, girly. Honestly. And it sounds like a product I might want to try… I usually just use some eyeshadow, but I feel like a product that is actually meant for eyebrows would be a lot better. Thanks for the suggestion!

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