Milani Conceal + Perfect Foundation.

Milani Conceal and Perfect

I’ve been going on about my foundation woes a ton these last couple of months. I’m oily, I am having a hard time finding my right shade, and I need more coverage. Blah blah blah. Even though I’ve found some ways to cope with all my current skin issues, I kept looking for the foundation that does it all on its own. When I picked up the Milani Conceal + Perfect foundation I didn’t think I’d be finding The One, but I was so wrong. This stuff is gorgeous skin in a bottle.

Conceal + Perfect feels expensive. It comes in a glass bottle with a controllable pump and a sturdy lid. Despite the fact that it’s glass, it isn’t too heavy and I’ve traveled with it no problem.

Tara without makeup onTara applying Milani Conceal and Perfect foundation with a RealTechniques Blending Sponge

The consistency is a bit less thick than something like Revlon ColorStay and is extremely easy to work with. One pump covers my entire face, but if I want a little less coverage, I’ll go for half. The coverage is buildable, but I’m pretty content with how perfecting it is at medium that I haven’t felt the need to add more. It applies great with any buffing brush, but I think it looks even better with a couple pats of the RealTechniques Blending Sponge. I don’t think I’ve found a foundation that works better with it.

Texture of Tara's skin while wearing Milani Conceal and Perfect Foundation

The finish is matte, but in a natural way. It looks like my skin perfected and a less oily. Applying it with the Blending Sponge gives a more satin finish. This is one of the first foundations I’ve used that claims to be long wearing, sweat-proof, and water-proof and actually is. This stuff sticks around all day. I’ve worn it on 10-13 hour days in DC, New York, and just at home and by the end of the day, it’s got some manageable shine, but the coverage is still there. It stands up well to humidity and doesn’t get patchy or weird on my skin over time. I’ve read some reviews written by other bloggers mentioning that it oxidized on them, but I haven’t experienced the product oxidizing at all on my skin.

Milani Conceal and Perfect Full Face - Tara wearing Milani Conceal and Perfect and a red lipSome people find the whole concealer and foundation in one thing to be a bit gimmicky. I get it, but if anything, it just makes me expect more out of the coverage and quality of the product. The first time I ever used Conceal + Perfect I actually forgot to pack a concealer so I was really forced to put that concealer and foundation all-in-one concept to the test. This stuff works. It conceals well under the eyes in a pinch and covers redness and blemishes even better. I used it as an under eye concealer in these photos and I think it looks pretty great.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. The shade range is confusing and terrible. I wear the shade 02 Natural. That’s right, I wear the second shade in the range. Even though my skin has lightened up a bit through winter and spring, I’m still usually a medium tan shade in foundations and concealers, but not this time. Natural is described as the perfect shade for light skin with golden undertones. I’ve definitely got golden undertones, but my skin is by no means light. If you actually are a fair lady, I think you’re going to have to skip out on this one as even the shade 01 Creamy Vanilla isn’t particularly light. The order of the shades is pretty misleading. 02 Natural seemed darker than 03 Light Beige, but some how pretty similar to 04 Medium Beige. If you’re hunting this bad boy down in store, really take your time looking at the shades because it can be tough. The website has helpful descriptors as far as undertone goes so keep it in mind when picking your perfect shade.

-Tara Joy

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