May Favorites.

Milani Conceal + Perfect Foundation, Sinful Colors Cheshire China, Sephora Formula X Polish in Extraordinary

I’ve been keeping up with favorites posts for 5 months now and I have to say I’m pretty proud. In the past, I absolutely sucked at following through with them, but I’ve been falling in love with so many great products this year. I’m calling it now. 2016 is the year of awesome discoveries.

I’ve been doing a simpler eye look with lots of lashes, a nude lip, and some subtle blush. I’m still using all of the products from my April Favorites with the addition of one lovely, lovely thing. The Milani Conceal + Perfect Foundation has been rocking my damn socks off. It offers medium coverage that doesn’t look like too much when applied with my RealTechniques Blending Sponge. A full review is now up!

Pastel nails are my jam right now. I’m usually into neons and bold shades at this time of the year, but I’m just not in that summery brights mood yet. It all started with the Sephora Formula X Polish in Extraordinary. The soft gray looks so clean on the nails and it goes chip free for days. I won’t go on too much about it since I had a huge rave about it earlier this month, but just know I’m still loving it.

If I’m wanting a tiny bit more color on my nails, I go for Cheshire China by Sinful Colors. It’s a part of a limited edition collection for spring that comes in a “Porcelain Matte” finish. Cheshire China is a gorgeous, milky lavender that much like Extraordinary, looks clean on the hands. The drying time is good, the lasting power is impressive, and the application is easy. Could I ask for anything better?

My last favorite is the game Civilization V. I’m not entirely proud to say this, but B and I have been playing it so much together, that we’ve had to ban ourselves from playing it for a week. It’s so disgustingly addictive. We end up playing it for 2-3 hours at a time, completely losing track of our lives. A brief explanation. It’s a strategy game where you start a civilization, conquer the world, discover new technologies, and basically lose grasp on reality and the outside world in the process.

-Tara Joy


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