A Foundation Cocktail.

Nars Sheer Glow and Revlon Colorstay

I’ve been having a bit of problem when it comes to my foundation. They’re all either too light, too dark, too sheer, or too full coverage. I’ve been having some not so fun skin days and my foundation just hasn’t been cutting it. I’m getting a little tired of investing in product after product after product, when they aren’t really working out for me, so I decided to play makeup bartender and get mixing.

I love my Nars Sheer Glow, but my skin has been getting more oily as the weather is (slowly) warming up. It’s just too much glow. Plus, I’m looking for a bit more coverage right now. Revlon Colorstay is too much noticeable coverage on its own for me. It’s pretty thick and makes me feel like I have a lot of makeup on.

I don’t know what brought me to mix them, but together, they are magic. I take a pump of each on the back of my hand, mix, and dot around like usual. They are the best of both worlds. I get the skin blurring power from the Sheer Glow and the perfecting coverage from the Revlon Colorstay. This concoction blends seamlessly into my skin in seconds flat. You can see the application in action in my latest vlog.

-Tara Joy

41 thoughts on “A Foundation Cocktail.

  1. The All Nighter Blogger

    you should check out this foundation by Mehron. It’s used by Kylie Jenner… I wrote about it in my blog and it has a wide range of foundation shades.

  2. amberlillybeauty

    I love the Nars Sheer Glow foundation, but i completely agree when you say it’s too much glow, especially this time of the year! Will definitely be trying the two foundations together!
    Thanks for the advice,
    Amber Lilly X


    So simple and very good your idea ^^ never had this idea, but always having problems by finding the right color foundation. Just discovered your Blog and love it, follow you now 🙂



    Maybe you wanna have a look too, I am writing in two languages 🙂 http://www.beautynature.ch

  4. lifetoldbytulla

    I love mixing foundations! But I have never thought to mix a high end foundation with a drugstore one (great way to save some $$$)! Will definitely have to give it a try! I just started my blog, it would be great if you could give it a look!

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