adidas NEO Baseline.

Adidas NEO Baseline Trainers with a striped shirt and felt hat on a blue rug

There we were. Walking around the salad bar in Whole Foods picking out our lunch plates when I looked down and noticed there were holes in my Toms. I could instantly hear my mom’s voice in the back of my head. “Throw those AWAY. They are disgusting.” And yeah, they were pretty grubby and rain soaked from when I stepped in a puddle in the parking lot. I’m pretty loyal to Toms. I always have a pair in my rotation and tend to replace them every 9 months, but I had been really hard on this pair. They were beyond dead. Basically, it was time. I hustled my butt next door to DSW and perused the aisles for an hour until I found the ones.

Adidas have been having a “moment” in street style for quite some time now. I really couldn’t get on board with it. Not because they’re adidas, but because they’re sneakers. I have a hard time feeling put together and not like a potato so thinking of throwing on something more casual seemed like the wrong way to go. It wasn’t until, well, yesterday that I gave athletic sneakers a second thought. Part of it was seeing Lily Pebbles unbox some Nikes in a Snapchat ASOS haul and realizing how simple and clean they looked on her. The other part was the water soaking into my shoes.

I came home with the adidas Neo Baseline sneaker because it had that classic adidas’ feel with an added bonus. These suckers have foamy inserts and they’re beyond comfortable. I’ve got wide feet and I’ve been a size 8 for years now, but I ended up sizing down to a 7.5 with these. They aren’t too wide or too narrow, they’re perfect. I wish I would have had these on our trip to DC because they would have really saved my feet.

-Tara Joy

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