Meal Planning Must Makes 2.

Meal Planning MarchAnother month, another batch of delicious meals. We tried a lot of low carb alternatives to some of our favorite indulgent meals and let me just say, they didn’t disappoint. If you’ve been stalking my recipe board on Pinterest you may have already seen some of these, but I’ve already added a bunch to try out in April.


If you got into our favorite meals from February, you’ll know we’re pretty into spaghetti squash. I think spaghetti squash is the most satisfying pasta alternative. At some point, we had picked up some veggie “meat”balls from WholeFoods as a meatball alternative and they were…spongey and gross. It was really disappointing. It got me on the hunt for ways for me to make my own meatless meatballs and that’s when I found the Eggplant Meatballs by Skinny Taste. They were absolutely incredible. They fell apart easily once they were on the plate, but I think that was my fault. We had them over spaghetti squash and didn’t think anything could be better…until we found the Zucchini Meatballs by Skinny Taste. Somehow, they’re even better. They stay together better, stand up to sauce, and crisp up on the outside. They pair perfectly with spaghetti squash and it’s been the only way we eat them. We’re beyond obsessed and have had it once a week since.


The first time I ever had Shakshuka was a couple of years ago at B’s parents home on a cold Colorado night. It’s such a warm and filling dish. I’ve been feeling a bit homesick for my family and B’s family recently, so I wanted to have something a bit homey. We fell in love with the Shakshuka with Feta by Melissa Clark because it comes out perfectly every time. Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of feta?


You might be inclined to grab some cherry pie or apple pie on pi day, but we decided to go savory to celebrate. I’m a quiche newbie for sure so I was a bit intimidated, but the Quiche by Celeste recipe was so easy to follow and turned out delicious as hell.

If you’ve tried anything new in the kitchen recently, let us know! We’d love to try something new.

-Tara Joy

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