Momofuku Milk Bar CCDC.

Ramen at Momofuku CCDC

Let’s rewind. Last weekend when we went to DC to escape our apartment for a couple days and based most of our trip around eating. Before we even booked our hotel, we booked a reservation at Momofuku CCDC. B and I are big fans of David Chang as well as The Mind of a Chef so sitting down for lunch there felt like a must.

Momofuku’s space is beyond inviting. The music was pretty on point. I’m talking a good mix of Kanye, The Strokes, and Neil Young, but no Morrissey. It’s open, airy, organic, and keeps the focus on what’s important – the food. We knew we wanted to get dessert from Milk Bar, the dessert and bakery from the Momofuku group, so we sadly skipped ordering something to start with (We probably would have ordered some shiitake buns.). It was a chilly DC day so ramen seemed like the obvious choice. B went for the Momofuku Ramen, pork belly, pork shoulder, and a poached egg on a bed of perfectly textured ramen noodles in a flavorful, but delicate broth.

Hozon Ramen at Momofuku

The Hozon Ramen beyond filled me up. The broth had an incredible depth of flavor and was reminiscent of the traditional ramen I had in Tokyo. The noodles were a bit thicker and rounder than those in B’s bowl, but they really fit the dish well. Scallions and Kale add some green to the dish and it’s finished off with panisse, a crisp made of chick peas. The panisse never got soggy and added a good crunch. I loved it so much, I ended up slurping broth all over my shirt. Classy.

Affogato from Milk Bar

I had no idea what I wanted for dessert. B went for the Corn Cookie, one of Milk Bar’s most popular cookies. I totally get why this treat has a cult following. It has all the flavors of corn bread balanced with some sweetness that makes me wish we would have ordered 2 or 3. I was feeling a bit sleepy after my big bowl of warmth and happiness, so I went for the Cereal Milk Affogato, a double shot of Stumptown espresso accompanied by some of Milk Bar’s Cereal Milk soft serve. It was creamy, decadent, and yeah, that delicious espresso woke. me. up.

Needless to say, we’ll be back to Momofuku in the future to try those buns and maybe have some more ramen and cookies.

-Tara Joy

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