I want to take a step back from talking about foundation, makeup remover, and mustaches to talk about feelings for a minute. We moved from Florida to Virginia in January because B got an awesome internship at NASA. It’s been a really great experience, but it’s also been pretty lonely. Your regularly scheduled beauty content will continue Wednesday.

Back in Florida, we didn’t live too far away from my family and I went home to work with my dad most weekends. I had moved out, but I guess I never really “moved.” I really miss coming home to see my parents. I miss being able to go run errands with Mom and visiting Dad at the office. I miss our spunky family pets. I miss all the good food. We had some fantastic friends back in Florida too and it’s been weird and hard not to have them here. I miss the company. I miss having weekly dinner nights and trying new restaurants with good people.

I think anyone in my situation would be a bit homesick. Since I won’t be seeing my family until the summer, I’ll continue to FaceTime and pester my parents on how to cook family favorites. PS The arepas came out awesome, Dad. Thanks for the recipe.

-Tara Joy

14 thoughts on “Homesick.

  1. anastasiias

    I totally understand you! I moved to other city to study when I was 16 but I visited my hometown every two weeks and in 5 years I moved to other country and I was extremely home sick first year. Now 3 years later I moved to another country and I think I kinda got used. The one thing which can fix home sickness is time and another is beig busy.

  2. aFloforallseasons

    Hey Tara, thanks for sharing this! I recently moved away for work and I feel exactly the same way. It’s the little things you find myself missing. I miss having my favourite cake at my favourite cafe with my friends and I miss having everyday catchups with friends and the conversation just flows, like it takes no effort. It can feel awfully lonely :/ I hope you’ve had a chance to meet some amazing people in Virginia! x

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