Adding Oil – A Foundation Experiment.

Trader Joe's Vitamin E Oil and MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Foundation on a wooden table

Let’s time travel to August 2015 when I reviewed the MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation. I’ll give you a quick summary. The foundation sat strange around my nose and on my pores. It also made me pretty oily, but I could make it work if I used theNYX Matte Finish Long Lasting Setting Spray. I haven’t used that foundation since August. Every time I look at it, I feel a lot of guilt. It wasn’t cheap and it has been going unused. I decided to try it out again, but this time in a foundation cocktail. This time I’ve added oil.

A photo of Tara in red lipstick looking into the camera

My skin is pretty oily on its own so the thought of adding oil to my base has always turned me off. I always see people adding face oils to their foundations on Instagram, but it was this Wayne Goss video that really changed my mind. I figured adding some oil to my Pro Longwear foundation might make the texture more natural and easier to work with. I added one drop of Vitamin E Oil to my foundation, mixed it on the back of my hand, and applied it with my RealTechniques Sponge. The initial application was beautiful. It had a gorgeous natural glow this foundation didn’t have before. It made the foundation look extremely skin-like. It was already a long lasting foundation, but it wore more comfortably through the day with the added oil.A photo of Tara in red lipstick with her eyes closed

The one thing the oil didn’t do was help the texture. It settled into my pores and creases/mini wrinkles the same way it did without the oil. But you know, it still looked like my skin and it was soft and luminous. This might not be something I do all the time, but it definitely wasn’t a failed experiment. I’ll be trying it with other foundations in the future.

-Tara Joy

28 thoughts on “Adding Oil – A Foundation Experiment.

  1. Sophia Tinsley

    I think your makeup looks great.
    I just started adding argan oil into my skincare and makeup routine, and I have oily skin. I only add a little, and it gives me a dewy look, but I suppose you just have to find the perfect oil and foundation combo.

    Also, there are different oils you could try if this oil doesn’t work out.

    • beausandbows

      Thank you so much! Argan oil is amazing. I also have oily skin and using an oil on it really helps calm my skin. I have a bunch of different oils, but I prefer the Vitamin E oil in my foundation (:

      -Tara Joy

  2. beautycrueltyfree

    Definitely going to be brave and try adding some kind of oil in my foundation at some point, this made your makeup look so lush!!

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