Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara – A Love Hate.


BetterThanSexRemember Kim, my enabler best friend I mentioned in my lip haul?  When we lived together, I would often pester her with questions about her makeup routine and what she was using because I needed some of that magic. She has always had the best, jealousy-inducing lashes. The day she told me she used the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, I immediately made an Ulta order of not just one, but two of them in a multi-pack. After using up my first one last spring, I wasn’t really moved to use the second one until now.

The Better Than Sex mascara had a huge surge in popularity on blogs and YouTube last summer around the time I had already decided it didn’t work for me. I wasn’t tempted to open up the second tube until I recently realized the hype on it hasn’t subdued even a bit. I dug out the new tube and immediately went to work with it, remembering why I loved and hated it. The weighted handle made using the thick, hourglass shape brush surprisingly easy to use. The formula is slightly on the drier side so it builds on itself incredibly well, creating thick and fluttery lashes. It’s kind of everything I want in a mascara, except…

This stuff is a mess. After a couple of hours, I’ve got a case of the panda eyes on my hands. It’s a smudgy, flaky disaster that occasionally makes my eyes all stingy. The only thing that could save this mascara would be if it came in a waterproof formula. Oh. And guess what is being released in a waterproof formula on March 1st? You guessed it. I’m definitely going to be getting my little hands on it as soon as it launches and I’ll let you know the nitty gritty on how it works out. Fingers crossed it blows me away.

-Tara Joy

36 thoughts on “Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara – A Love Hate.

  1. Jani V

    I actually like this mascara a ton, and I haven’t had the flakiness problem. I agree is not super long lasting but I really like it. Excited for the waterproof one.

  2. rainydayinspirations

    I’ve been using Too Faced’s products for the last few months and really like them. I agree the Better Than Sex mascara can be flaky but cannot get enough of the Born This Way concealer and Cocoa foundation – it is really smooth!

  3. japonicanyc

    But do you guys like waterproof? I ALWAYS have panda eyes– price I pay for big blue eyes is they must be so sensitive apparently. But waterproof, although semi-less panda, is SO awful to try to gt off, especially when you put on a few coats! I end up losing a lot of lashes. What to do….

  4. itsonlykirstyn

    I’m so glad someone has shared an honest opinion on this! Seen so much hype but never one to jump on the bandwagon unless it’s incredible, glad I haven’t gone rushing for it! Thanks for the advice!!

  5. Cait Levesque

    I honestly hated this mascara for the longest time. Sounds like a waste but I do wipe off part of the product on a clean paper towel to avoid to mess. One thing also I make sure my undereye and eyelids are powdered to avoid the transferring !

    • beausandbows

      I powder my under eye and lids, but it doesn’t make much difference. I don’t have a problem with the amount of product on the brush, but just the lasting power :/

      -Tara Joy

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