Lorac Pro Contour Palette.

LoracProContour2015 was definitely the year of the contour kit and I was a bit skeptical of it all. I’m by no means a contouring pro so investing in something like the Anastasia Beverley Hills Contour Kit wasn’t something I was willing to do. I dabbled in lower end cream contours as well as powder contours of all shades, but never really had any luck. There wasn’t anything I used that really stuck out or made me feel confident in my ability to contour. I felt as if the shades were always off just a little bit. When I received the Lorac ProContour palette as a Christmas gift, I was inspired to give the whole contouring thing another try and boy did it change the game.

Like my much loved Lorac Pro Palette, the packaging on this contour palette is slim and compact. It comes with six pans, 4 of them are 6.2g, the highlight is 3.7g, and oddly enough the largest contour shade is 4.7g. The palette comes with a big mirror (always a plus) as well as a very flat, short cut brush great for packing on the highlight and chiseling out your facial features, but not blending. The texture of all of the shades are creamy and very similar to the texture of the Lorac Pro Palette. The blend beautifully and never come off harsh.


The palette is broken down into two rows of three. The row of highlight shades don’t get as much use as the row of contour shades do, but they’re lovely nonetheless. Beige highlight makes a subtle, matte highlight that I mostly use to highlight my nose and underneath my contour to sharpen it. Yellow highlight is a less intimidating version of a banana powder. I have used it under my eyes to set my concealer a few times and it makes everything smooth and creaseless. I’m not sure about the brightening thing as I haven’t noticed this particular shade really illuminating the under eye. Shimmer Highlight is a white highlight with a soft and glowy sheen. Because I’m not fair, it requires a little bit of blending, but the end result is gorgeous.

The contour shades are my favorite part of the palette. They all serve their own purpose. Light Contour is my favorite for contouring my nose, something I never attempted until I saw my best friend contour hers with the same shade. It was magical. I use the brush that came with the palette to apply it to the nose because of its small and precise shape. I also like to use Light Contour to subtly contour my double chin jawline. Deep contour is the perfect shade for chiseling out those cheekbones. I was a bit intimidated by how dark the shade is, but once blended, it looks incredible. Medium Contour is the best bronzer shade I’ve ever used. My journey to finding the perfect bronzer has been tough. It’s always too orange or too red. Medium Contour makes the perfect natural bronze for my skin tone and I dread the day I hit pan.

If this palette was vaporized out of my makeup collection, I would definitely hurry out to repurchase. It’s a complete all-in-one and every shade is going to get use from me.

– Tara Joy

33 thoughts on “Lorac Pro Contour Palette.

    • beausandbows

      Of course! The brush is great for laying down powder under the eyes and chiseling out the cheek bones, but you definitely need something a little fluffier to blend out the contour. It’s great though!

      -Tara Joy

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