New In Lip Products.

There’s something about shopping with your best friend that makes it a little easier to buy things you wouldn’t normally buy when you’re on your own. It could be all of the “THAT LOOKS SO GOOD ON YOU” or the “YOU HAVE TO BUY IT, IT’S TOTALLY YOUR COLOR,” but who’s to say, really? My best bud, Kim, also happens to be a makeup junkie so a trip to Ulta was definitely in the cards when she came to visit. We spent the entire time enabling each other and I am excited to show you what’s new to my lip wardrobe.

As it was Galentine’s Day, we exchanged gifts and Kim completely spoiled me with a Too Faced Melted Chocolate Liquid Lipstick in Chocolate Cherries. I’m a huge fan of the Melted lipsticks so receiving one made my heart so happy. Chocolate Cherries happened to be the only shade from their newest Melted Chocolate range I was really into because of its perfect mix of red and brown. It really does remind me of a chocolate covered cherry and the chocolate scent is out of this world.

Kim is a huge fan of the Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipsticks and I experienced love at first swatch with the shade After Dark. The formula is smooth, creamy, and opaque. I find the application is easy peasy and the shade has a bit of a blue undertone that makes your teeth look mega white. It’s one of the most comfortable matte shades I’ve ever worn, but it doesn’t have that budge proof quality that a MAC Retromatte does.

When tarte released the tarteist Lip Paints I wasn’t all too excited. I heard they were sticky and uncomfortable and the try-hard names made me roll my eyes. Kim knows I love a purple or lavender lip so she pushed me to try on the tarteist Lip Paint in yaassss. Yaassss is a beautiful neon mid tone lavender that lasts for ages. I wore it through a night filled with eating popcorn, cake, and drinking wine without it transferring on my glass or smearing anywhere. There will be a little something more thorough on it in the future because I definitely feel the need to gush.

– Tara Joy

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