February Drugstore Haul.


You know how it goes. The new year starts and brands of all price ranges start rolling out new releases left and right. It can be pretty overwhelming. When it comes to the more high-end part of the spectrum, I usually hold back on investing, but the drugstore products feel fair game.

I’ve been hoarding CVS extrabucks until there were a lot of new releases out all at once and let’s just say I rolled out of there with a lot of treasure (and a hefty discount). After my mad dash in CVS, I popped into Walgreens to see what products they had in stock. The one thing I found a bit disappointing was that the Wet n Wild 1 Step Wonder polishes as well as the entire Essie Retro Revival collection were heavily discounted at Walgreens and not CVS. I definitely hustled my butt back to CVS and returned them because I’m not interested in missing out on a deal. I’d say shop around for the polishes if you’re looking for them (I’d try Walgreens and Walmart over CVS in this case). Walgreens did have an extensive Rimmel and Wet n Wild section as well, which kind of made my day.

My favorite products from the entire haul have to be the Rimmel Sculpting Palette in Golden Bronze (Picked it up on sale at Walgreens) and the Covergirl Trunaked palette in Nudes. Expect full rave reviews from them in the future. The absolute duds of the whole mess were the Maybelline Concentrated Crayon in Lavish Lavender and the Rimmel Super Curler Mascara. I want to try another Concentrated Crayon because I’m a bit worried that the shade I picked just happened to be blah, but I don’t know if it’s worth it at this point.

For a full list of products and links, check out the description box of my February Drugstore Haul.

-Tara Joy

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