ITCosmetics Your Airbrush Masters Brush Set.

ITCosmetics Your Airbrush Masters 6 Piece Advanced Brush Set

I have pretty high expectations of my beauty tools. My favorite brushes perform well, wash easily, and stand the test of time. I tend to prefer drugstore brushes, but the ITCosmetics brush line for Ulta recently caught my interest when I saw their assorted sets in store. I ended up with the Your Airbrush Masters Advanced Brush Set and after using them for a while, I have a lot of thoughts.

The brush case is a a zip up mini portfolio that has an interior mesh pocket on one side and six brush slots on the other. Above the brush slot is a small flap for protecting the brush hairs and preventing mess. The brushes all have sleek, silver handles that are weighted for an easier and more comfortable application. The brush hairs are some of the softest I’ve ever felt and they clean with ease.

The face brushes in the kit are definitely my favorites. The Buffing Foundation brush is a flat top brush with densely packed bristles perfect for buffing out a foundation seamlessly. Unfortunately, there are a few rogue little hairs half poking up in the center of the brush. They don’t make the brush perform poorly, but I expect more from a pricier brush. The Blurring Powder brush is a large, duo fiber, stippling type brush that I’ve been loving to use with blush. Although it’s definitely a bigger brush, I find it’s easy to apply product precisely. I’ve been using the Soft Touch Blush brush, an angled fluffy brush, to create a natural looking contour as well as applying and blending bronzer. I find that it’s a little too bulky to produce an extremely sharp contour on it’s own, but it does bring a more subtle and natural structure to the face.

The eye brushes aren’t absolute duds, but they’re definitely out shined by the others in the set. The Flawless All Over Shadow brush is probably the best of the bunch. It’s a decent fluffy brush that applies shadow and blends out the crease well, but I prefer the ITCosmetics Airbrush Blending Crease Brush. I find the Precision Crease brush to be too big to really be precise. It is cut at a slight angle that helps blend things well, but I wouldn’t recommend placing shadow with it. The Bent Liner Brush is a little too clunky for applying a clear-cut line. I like to use it for smoking out the lower lash line and adding sparkle and highlight to the inner corner.

The set is definitely not perfect. I experienced some shedding from the face brushes after the first couple of uses and the eye brushes aren’t the best. Although the brush performance and softness is there, I don’t know that I would buy this kit again. My advice would be to invest the same amount of money in getting the similarly styled brushes as individuals from the ITBrushes for Ulta collection. These brushes have that same softness and perform well, plus there’s absolutely no shedding.

-Tara Joy

15 thoughts on “ITCosmetics Your Airbrush Masters Brush Set.

    • beausandbows

      The face brushes are the best part of the set, but I think you can find the same ones in the IT Brushes for Ulta line up with a higher level of quality (no hairs poking out). The IT brushes are so good, but for some reason this set is pretty blah.

      -Tara Joy

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