Fall Plus-Size Clothing Haul and Body Image.

Fall Plus Size Clothing

This was kind of hard for me to post.  If you’ve been around these parts for a bit, you know I have PCOS, a syndrome that causes a hormone imbalance.  PCOS can cause obesity and makes it hard to lose weight.  Recently, I’ve been ballooning in weight quite quickly.  It’s been knocking my confidence down a peg in a major way.  I’m getting more active and eating better to try to take care of myself, but in the mean time I need to accept myself more and love who I am where I am.  This video is kind of a part of that journey.

There’s something about seeing yourself from another person’s perspective that can make you feel so strange.  When we filmed this, B set the camera at his eye level.  When I was editing it, I felt like I didn’t even know who the person was in this footage.  It was like looking at a stranger.  I don’t feel like I look in this footage.  I don’t have an issue with being a bigger girl, but I do have an issue with not feeling my best.

I’ve been watching a lot more plus-size girls on YouTube and it’s been helping me come to understand and love my body more, but I haven’t found many girls whose body types are specifically similar to mine.  I figured it would be nice to show how the clothes looked on in an attempt to represent more people who look like me and feel like I do.  Plus, I’m really into the clothes I picked out and I’ve gotten a lot of use out of them.  I’m trying to streamline my closet (especially after watching this video) and I’m doing surprisingly well at it, but more on that later.

I really appreciate you guys for being so supportive of me and my health journey.  Thanks for letting me get some feelings out (and a haul too).

We shall talk soon.

-Tara Joy

16 thoughts on “Fall Plus-Size Clothing Haul and Body Image.

  1. itsjordanleigh

    Watched your video! You rocked all the outfits- I especially liked outfit number 2 with the skirt..it looked amazing on you!

  2. Jessica Maria

    Hi Tara! I initially loved your post because of how honest and vulnerable you wrote it. I’m sure so many people who read it can relate and have felt similar emotions. After watching the video, I loved your post even more because the way you talked about each piece!!! I live in Florida too so it stinks that we can’t really bundle up here but I love the idea of transitioning into more fall-like colors. 🙂 My favorite outfit on you was the first one, you look beautiful! My second favorite item was the vegan leather skirt. I’m so happy you tried it even though you felt differently about leather skirts before 😉 because you look gorgeous in it! Anyway, sorry for the super long comment. I hope you have a great day!

    • beausandbows

      Thank you so much Jessica! This was the absolute sweetest comment ever. I really love when people try things on in hauls and describe why they got them and how they fit. I figured I’d just do what I like in a clothing haul in this video and I’m so glad you liked it! Isn’t Florida the worst sometimes? I am itching to layer up like everyone else in the world, but I just sweat far too much to do it. I think colors and textures are really the way to go (: I’m really happy I tried the skirt too! Thank you so much for all the love. ❤

      -Tara Joy

  3. mandibelle16

    Hey girl! Great video and brave of you to do it. I have chronic fatigue with depression which also has given me the problem of weight gain due to medications. I’m currently trying to lose some weight as well. I liked your pieces and I can appreciate how hard it is to find comfortable stylish clothes for hot weather.
    Some tips I can share with you is try to give yourself a waist with a belt. Also, I think that if you can find t-shirts with a lower neck line especially a heart shaped or V it will draw your eye down and maybe not be so hot in heat. Also, you seem to love stripes and if you like a pattern like that it’s hard not to want clothes like that but if you can find stripes that go vertical instead of horizontal it also lengthens your body. My favourite piece on you was the dress because you look hot in it because it’s all one piece. Maybe try to find more dresses, you look great in them.

    I hope you are not insulted by what I said.I’m just trying to help. Like I said that was very brave of you to post your video. Mod cloth has some awesome plus size clothes, Loft carries sizes that are bigger, target I know has a line, But I’m sure you know some great places already.

    Cheers! Keep on fighting!

  4. piece4love

    Dear Tara. Thanks for your post. I have the opposite problem. I am so allergic to so many different kinds of food, that when I do stick to my list of what I can eat I get to skinny that I get embarrassed of going into a bikini, because I am afraid of people thinking that I might starve myself. Before I was a normal girl with muscles and stuff, after a disease in my arms and new allergies I had to change eating habits and with that my body changed completely,,, I still think of myself being heavier, and when I see photos of me I get scared of seeing my self being to skinny.
    I send you lots of love and remember you are perfect as you ❤ ❤ ❤

    • beausandbows

      Hey Anna! Your story means so so much to me. I think it’s really disgusting and disappointing that people think other people’s bodies are their business and they judge others. It’s easy to say something like “Don’t worry about what others think” because I think we all do to some degree, but honestly you feeling good about yourself and being healthy is what’s important. I feel like you’re so strong for dealing with your health the way you do and I admire you so much for it. I’m sending you all the love and I think you are perfect as you are too! ❤

      -Tara Joy

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