A Makeup Collection Reset – Eye Palette Declutter.

A photo of Tara's Eyeshadow palette collection

Maybe it’s all the talk of the KonMari method or the fact that my makeup drawers are looking a bit cluttered, but I’ve caught the decluttering bug.  My collection has started to outgrow it’s home and it feels very wasteful on my part.  I’ve started have a proper sort through all my products and it’s been helping me use what I have as well as reevaluate how important it is that I keep certain things.  I’ve decided to document this little venture (and I’m addicted to decluttering videos) so I figured I’d share the experience.

I got rid of a little more than 50% of my eyeshadow palette collection in the end.  I rediscovered my love for the Wet n Wild palettes in this clear out.  The texture of their shadows are buttery and pigmented.  I don’t know why I stopped using them.  I’m also thinking if I don’t use my Naked 3 more in the upcoming months it might be facing some decluttering in the future.  There’s something about the tones that don’t feel neutral to me, but I think I could step outside of the box.
A photo of Tara's Depop ShopThere are a lot of palettes I decided to let go of that I know tons of people love.  I don’t want this stuff to got to waste so I’ve been sanitizing everything and posting them up on my depop shop.  There are some things decluttered that I don’t want to waste your time with so I’ll only be including things I think would be of worth to one of you.

I’ve been suckered into and obsessed with watching other people’s decluttering videos so I hope you will all enjoy this series just as much.

We shall talk soon.

-Tara Joy

12 thoughts on “A Makeup Collection Reset – Eye Palette Declutter.

  1. No Size Two

    I am having that same bug, only with my clothes! Trying not to throw too much out because then I will have to buy a lot 😉 Thanks for the video, I enjoyed it very much.

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