September Favorites.

A thumbnail of Tara's September favorites

September was really good to me.  I spent lots of time with B and just felt happier overall.  I found some new, dare I say, holy grail products, discovered some hair products that changed the game, and fell in love with a thoroughly complex book by my favorite author.

I’m a huge fan of favorites posts and videos.  The issue with them is that I find that since we all post them on the first, second, third of the month, I end up missing out on a ton of them.  Favorites posts are informational and they feed my need to buy/try everything.  I find that they get so lost in the shuffle when we all flood the internet with them.  I have decided to shake things up.  I’ll be uploading my favorites about a week into the next month so you have some variety of videos instead of a few days of nothing but favorites.

I hope you like the new little spot I’m filming in too.  It’s kind of my make shift vanity situation and I’ve really fallen in love with it.  Every time I see it, I get these overwhelming happy feelings.  Hopefully I will show it to you in-depth soon.

We shall talk soon.

-Tara Joy

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