Reflecting on New York.

A photo of a subway train

October is going to be a travel heavy month.  I have been on a ton of trips this year and haven’t really been sharing anything about them with you all.  I’m currently snuggled up on the couch feeling all kinds of nostalgic about our trip to New York and I want to share the magic of our trip with you.  My parents had absolutely spoiled me with tickets to see my favorite artist at Radio City as a gift for my graduation so B and I took the trip to my favorite place.  If you’re into food porn, Brooklyn, and Lady Gaga, this photo heavy post might be for you.

A steaming bowl of spaetzle and beer

Our flight from Denver to New York was an absolute disaster and we got in about 6 hours late.  We were more than relieved when we got to our hotel.  It was the first time I had ever stayed in a hotel on a trip to New York and I have never actually stayed in the city so it was the biggest treat in the world to be able to stay in the Archer. The Archer is one of the most incredible hotels and it’s located in gorgeous Midtown.  After throwing our belongings in our adorable room, we ran out to find some food.  I won’t lie, I got us a little lost because I have no directional instincts, but we then wandered into Reichenbach Hall.  We each got a pint and ordered some German grub as fast as we could.  B ordered leberkase and I got some cheesy spatzle (My favorite).  I don’t know if it was the 90s music, the cheese and carb overload, or the great beer, but we had a great time and headed back to the hotel soon after to get our sleep on.

A street in Brooklyn

The next day was actually Father’s Day and so we got up early and trekked to Brooklyn to see some of my family.  I’ve mentioned it before, but I was born in Brooklyn and my family lived there until I was 5.  Almost all of my extended family lives in New York and I really wanted B to meet some of my family members he hadn’t met yet.  I haven’t been back to Brooklyn in a long time and I’m not gonna lie, when the train rolled past the Brooklyn Bridge I cried a lot.  We walked from the station to my grandparent’s home and on the way we walked by my family’s old building.  It was so strange and so lovely.  Once we got together with my Aunt, uncles, and baby cousin, we headed out to DUMBO for some Father’s Day brunch.

DUMBOEggs BennyA photo of a street art of Andre the Giant by Shepard Fairey in Brooklyn with a mail truckA photo of a street art of Andre the Giant by Shepard Fairey in Brooklyn with a mail truck Tara and B in DUMBO

After stuffing our faces with eggs benedict and chicken and waffles, we wandered around DUMBO and just spent time enjoying each other’s company.A slice of pizzas

Once we headed back to my grandparent’s, B and I walked a route I had done a million times as a child – from my Abuelitos’ home to the pizza place.  It’s kind of a tradition in our family that the name of our beloved pizza place stay hush hush, but I will say that this place has been there since before I was born and still tastes just as indulgent as it did when I was 3.  The same little Italian man was serving pizza there too.  I’m not gonna lie, I did have another cry while I had my slice.
Boats in Central ParkBoats in Central Park Boats in Central Park

The following morning we grabbed some bagels and made our way to Central Park.  I can’t remember ever being to Central Park so this was a big first for me.  Oh and B romantically rowed us around for a midday boat ride.  I felt like a very special lady.  Silken Tofu soup Silken Tofu Rice Bowls
We went into Korea Town for some lunch at BCD Tofu House and we had the most incredible tofu and Korean spread.  After dropping major dollars in Tony Moly, we went back to the hotel for a nap and some time to get ready for the main event…

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett at Radio CityRadio City interior Lady Gaga and Tony BennettB and I got to see Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett at Radio City for the Cheek to Cheek tour.  I’ve seen Lady Gaga before (She’s my queen), but this was B’s first time.  I won’t lie, I cried a lot.   Listening to Jazz is something I used to do with my dad on car trips when I was little and I wish he would have come with us to experience it.  There were even more tears when Tony Bennett belted Fly Me To The Moon acapella in honor of Frank Sinatra. We had incredible seats and the performance was breathtaking.  Even B loved it.

Cactus Fruit Adult beverage

After the incredible Radio City experience, we went up to the Spyglass, the bar at the top of Archer and had a couple drinks.  I couldn’t tell you what B had, but I had some kind of cactus fruit/Ciroc type deal.  It was absolutely delicious.

The next day we took a ridiculous taxi ride to the airport and flew back home.  There were a lot of emotions and special moments wrapped up in this trip and I’m really glad I got to share it with B.

We shall talk soon.

-Tara Joy

7 thoughts on “Reflecting on New York.

  1. lamamahada

    I’m from Brooklyn, so reading this was super neat. I loved that you openly admitted to crying through out this trip – it made me really happy. So glad you enjoyed your graduation gift so much!

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