OPI Thanks a WindMillion.

A photo of Tara wearing OPI's Thanks a Windmillion on her nails while holding a sparkly pumpkin

I’ve recently been obsessed with keeping my nails polished and looking clean.  I find myself changing my polish weekly at this point and it’s become a fun part of my pamper routine.  I know it’s technically Fall now, but Florida is still feeling like summer.  It’s a bummer to want to go all out autumnal when it’s melting out, so I figured I’d find a way to inject some of the season into my look.  I have been trying to decide on a color that gives me those Fall vibes, is neutral, and still has some color to it.  OPI Thanks a WindMillion is all of that and more.

Thanks a WindMillion is this gorgeous mossy shade that rides the transition between summer and fall.  OPI usually lasts a decent amount of time on my nails, but somehow this shade stayed on with no chips for about 8 days.  It stayed chip free even longer when I applied according to my nail routine.  I feel like I can even pull this neutral shade into winter and still love it.  I don’t know what it is about this green that makes me so happy.  It might be my absolute favorite shade of all time (I know, that’s a big statement).

What do you think of this shade?  It’s such a weird color i never would have picked, but there’s just something about it I love.

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy


13 thoughts on “OPI Thanks a WindMillion.

  1. nastaran20

    Hi Tara, I really like your blog. Reading it makes me feel like I am getting to know you. I appreciate if you come over and check out my blog and let me know what do you think of it (if it’s not too much). Thanks darling

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