What I Wear to Bed – The Real #OOTN.

Tara putting on a sleep mask

Hi there bow friends,

If you’ve been here for a while, you’ll know I love doing styling posts, but don’t do them too often.  I was trying to think of creative ways to get back into them when the sleep experts at Casper inspired me to share my own sleepy time version of an Outfit of The Night.  I think sharing sleepwear isn’t something we normally do because it’s a little more private, but I’m pretty comfortable with you all.  Today I’m going to show you my jammy jams.  PS No shame. My sleepwear choices definitely come from the juniors department.

My biggest sleep essential is a sleep mask.  I have discovered that when I don’t wear one I spend all night rolling around half awake.  I’ve tried quite a few at this point and my absolute favorite one is this one from Faceplant Dreams because it’s soft, washable, and has an adjustable band.

Tara wearing black pajamasMy favorite place to pick up pajamas is Kohls.  I especially love the SO range of sleepwear because they are typically cute, sassy, and extremely comfortable.  I’m a big fan of their big sleeping shirts like the one I’m wearing above.  Oh and, yes I do have my hair tied up with a scrunchie.
Tara sitting on a bed in blue pjs

If it’s a little chillier and I’m needing some actual bottoms, I like these banded bottomed pj pants.  I even have them in banana print.  The fabric is incredibly light and soft and the band around the ankles isn’t at all tight.  I like to pair them with light tank tops or loose airy t-shirts.

I hope you guys enjoyed this alternative version to an #OOTN!  Maybe someday I’ll give you a peek at my Batgirl pajama collection.

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy

5 thoughts on “What I Wear to Bed – The Real #OOTN.

  1. Sincerely, Hil

    Looks so cozy! I usually end up wearing old tshirts from my highschool days and shorts but I have been meaning to maybe put more of an effort lol Thanks for this lovely reminder!

  2. Lesley Elizabeth

    Cute jammies. I wish the right pajamas and a night mask would solve my sleeping woes (I have two little ones who keep me busy all night long)!

    I do think that how we dress, even when off duty, impacts our mood and self-perception. That applies to nightwear as well!

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