BowTube – Just In Case You Missed It #2.

Screengrabs from Tara's last 3 videos

Hey there bow friends,

Your girl has been making a lot of videos.  In fact, I’ve scheduled 2 videos a week for the next month.  My last three videos have been an anniversary vlog, my August favorites, and one where I was nearly killed by a Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, then you’ve missed one of the cheesiest videos I’ve ever made, B and I’s  4th anniversary.  B had a work filled weekend so I fit in a little anniversary surprise breakfast the day of.

I have missed doing favorites and I find they’re more fun to do in videos than in posts.  This one features a bunch of makeup favorites, a fall fashion favorite, a skin care favorite, and all of the podcasts I’ve been into.  I’ve been listening to podcasts like they’re going out of style and I honestly can’t get enough.  I usually listen to them while I’m doing house chores, driving, and all the time really.  I list some my favorites at the end of the video so make sure to watch all the way through.

This vlog is fresh and new as of today!  I got really amped about the release of pumpkin spiced coffees and treats, did a ton of blog work, and made edamame lo mein for dinner.  It was absolutely incredible.  Oh, and I made B try the pumpkin spice coffee so do watch for his sad reaction.

I hope you all enjoy these videos because I really love making them.  I’ve been thinking of doing an updated makeup collection soon and maybe even some declutter videos, so let me know if you’re into it.

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy

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