Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster.

A photo of the Physician's Formula Bronze Booster in Medium to Dark amongst other makeup productsHey there bow friends,

I’ve never really got on with bronzers.  I have dabbled in tons of contour powders and found ones I loved, but when it comes to bronzers used to actually warm my complexion, I haven’t found the one.  Well, until now.  The Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster in Medium to Dark has completely stolen my heart.

The Physician's Formula Bronze Booster in Medium to Dark compact open with other makeupI never really buy much Physician’s Formula mostly because it’s one of the more expensive brands from the drugstore, but I’ve heard fantastic things mostly from the YouTube beauty community.  One of my favorites, Leigh Ann of leighannsays, has sung it’s praises time and time again and I finally gave in and gave it a go.  Leigh Ann was so right.  This bronzer is overall a winner.  The color is definitely warm, but in a really flattering way.  It brings some life back into my makeup look by adding depth and warmth.  The texture is silky and blends in effortlessly into the skin with minimal effort.  I love to apply it with the Real Techniques Buffing brush or even the Powder Brush.  I wish I would have caved and tried it sooner because I can’t imagine my makeup routine without it.

Are there other Physician’s formula products I should be trying out?  Let me know because I’m extremely interested in diving into their range after finding this gem.

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy

12 thoughts on “Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster.

  1. mandibelle16

    They have this really great 2 bottle, 2 step mascara that adds fibers to your lashes so they appear longer. I haven’t tried it yet but I want to and I have heard great things about it too. Great post on the bronzer.

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