How I Do My Nails.

A photo of an assortment of nail polishes Tara uses to do her nails

Hey there bow friends,

The other day b&b reader felicitystar asked about what I use when I do my nails that makes my manicure last so long, specifically the Rimmel polish I just spoke about.  I’ve never really talked about what I use before so I thought now would be the perfect opportunity.

Before I even start in with any kind of polish, I shape my nails with a glass nail file like this one.  I use some kind of nail oil or treatment to help keep my nails growing strong.  My all time favorite is the Nutra Nail Growth Treatment with Green Tea.  It really does help my nails grow over time and improves the over all softness of my cuticles. After pushing back my cuticles, I clean my nails with a cotton bud or a paper towel.

Let’s get into the polish sandwich.  First things first is the Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat.  It actually does dry quickly and creates a smooth and even base that makes applying polish easy and keeps my nails from being stained by any bright colors I may apply.  Polish time.  As you all know, I’m having a moment with Rimmel polishes so I’m going for the Rimmel Salon Pro Kate Moss Polish in Hip Hop.  I wait 5 minutes or so before applying either the Revlon Colorstay Gel-Shine Nail Enamel or the Seche Veite Top Coat.

I get about 5 days without chipping unless I’m using a formula that’s really not going anywhere like ones from Rimmel and China Glaze, which typically last 7 days or more with my little manicure cocktail.  I think the formula of the actual colored polish you’re using can make or break your manicure, but a good base coat and top coat always helps.  Is there anything from my routine I’m missing? Let me know so I can amp up my nail game.

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy

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