OOTD – Birds of a Feather feat. Jord

A photo of Tara's keys, a Jord Fieldcrest watch in Maple, and a sign that says

Hey there bow friends,

Today I’m doing a little summery outfit inspired by the Jord Fieldcrest watch in Maple*.  Ever since graduating I’ve been struggling with feeling adult.  Things like carrying a nice purse, wearing a nice watch, or dressing a little more put together feels so strange because I’m not feeling too adult.  A mini shopping trip with my mom and a cup of tea later and I have been feeling so much better.  I’m embracing the more grown up me as much I can and getting dressed up in little ways everyday has been helping my confidence a ton.

Tara Styling Her Jord Ely Watch Tara Styling Her Jord Fieldcrest watch in MapleWhen I think of feeling more put together, I think of tailored clothing pieces.  I’ve been totally feeling teal these last couple weeks and so I’m all about these tailored teal shorts.  They have a summery feel and inject some color in my all black and white wardrobe.  What could I possibly pair with these loud bottoms?  A bird print, naturally.  This is one of my favorite shirts ever (that I constantly spill things ): ) because of the detailed print and the scoop neck.  Super flattering.
Jord Fieldcrest watch in Maple; Friendship bracelet; Pandora Blue Leather Bracelet.Let’s check out that arm candy, shall we?  I mentioned earlier that this whole look was based on the summery light vibes I got from this Jord Fieldcrest watch*.  Watches feel very special and sophisticated to me.  The fact that this one is made of wood makes it so youthful and summery.  I thought that the wood would be so uncomfortable, but it’s so smooth and sits on my wrist without any pinching or discomfort.  I’m so afraid of watches making my wrist look big and clunky, but this small/medium face looks fantastic.  The maple color looks great and I love the silver accents within the face.  Overall, this watch is sturdy, practical, and looks so cute. I like to pair it with this cute little friendship bracelet (Here’s some cute and similar ones 1, 2) and the Pandora Blue Leather Bracelet sans charms.

I always forget how much I love OOTDs and I want to get back into them.  What do you like to wear during the summer?  I have a hard time with keeping cool, keeping comfortable, and looking put together so I could use some advice.

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy

PS Earlier in the week the Beaus and Bows instagram launched!  Expect photos of delicious food, awkward selfies, and adventures.

Wood Watches by JORD

19 thoughts on “OOTD – Birds of a Feather feat. Jord

  1. Jozi Eclectic

    I thought I was the only one who found it a little awkward trying to figure out what dressing more ‘adult’ looks like! You look great by the way, that watch is gorgeous! x

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