E.l.f. Smudge Pots.

Some purple lilies with the e.l.f. smudge pots in Cruisin's Chic and Let It Go

Hey there bow friends!

I’m constantly looking for products that are easy on my wallet as well as easy to use everyday.  When I think of the perfect everyday product, I think of something that does all the work for me.  I want to apply it 1,2,3 and have it look fabulous all day and all night.  When I picked up these cream shadows, I had very low expectations and didn’t think they would out perform my favorite everyday eye products.  Who would have thought the e.l.f. Smudge Pots would be my new daily eye look champion?

Swatches for Cruisin' Chic and Let It Go

Now, before we get too far into the review, I should lay down my expectations for a cream shadow.  You remember how much I love the Maybelline Color Tattoos, right (Here’s some proof. 1,2)?  I wear Bad to the Bronze constantly on it’s own and with shadows over it because it acts as the most amazing eye primer.  Once applied, the product almost blends itself and looks like I did all of this hard work on a beautiful eyeshadow look when really it’s only one product.  Plus, it’s one of the most long lasting products I own.  As you can tell, the bar is set pretty high.

I was perusing the e.l.f. stand at my local Walmart and noticed that they added a lot of new products including some cream shadows.  At $3, I figured I couldn’t go wrong with trying one, so I picked up Cruisin’ Chic.  I did my makeup that night and when I applied the shadow I was immediately blown away.  The texture is almost a hybrid of a gel and mousse cream and applies smoothly and evenly to the eyelid.  Much like Bad to the Bronze, Cruisin’ Chic almost blends itself and offers that full eye look with minimal work.  Even better?  It lasts absolutely all day.  Other shadows apply smoothly over it and it increases their lasting power by hours.  As far as color goes, Cruisin’ Chic and Bad to the Bronze aren’t that different at all.  Cruisin’ Chic leans a little warmer than Bad to the Bronze, but once it’s on the eye, you can’t tell the difference.  If I lost both and had to repurchase one, I’d probably give my money to e.l.f..

Fast forward to a week later when I’m walking into Walgreens and I see a display of Frozen themed makeup products.  I mostly disregarded the display until I saw an e.l.f. Smudge Pot with Elsa’s face on it.  After having such a good experience with Cruisin’ Chic, I had no problem picking up the appropriately named smudge pot in Let It Go.  It’s marketed as an eyeliner and eyeshadow, but I mostly use it as a shadow.  It’s another perfect everyday shade that looks gorgeous for spring time and performs just as well as Cruisin’ Chic.  It’s a girly, shimmery, pale pink that I’m sure would suit any skin tone.

I’m honestly amazed by how fantastic these are and I just needed you all to know.  If I could shout out from the roof tops knowing you would hear it, I totally would.  What do you think of these shades?  Have tried any of the other shades?  I hope you’re just as impressed as I am.

We shall talk soon!

PS I put up two new vlogs (1, 2) yesterday so make sure to check them out (:

-Tara Joy ♥


11 thoughts on “E.l.f. Smudge Pots.

  1. Kelli

    I have a smudge pot in “Aint That Sweet” and I love it. I’ve been meaning to look for other colors. I sometimes use it as my main eyeshadow, a highlight in the corners of my eyes or as a base/primer because it makes any shadow placed on top of it so vibrant!

  2. megplenderleith

    Love your blog so much! Really want to start doing make-up tips myself. I have nominated you for the Liebster blogger awards. all you have to do is answer these questions and link the blogger who nominated you in your answer! happy blogging! x
    1. Why did you start blogging?
    2. Who inspires you?
    3. Favourite local boutique?
    4. Fried or scrambled?
    5. Blusher or bronzer?
    6. Worst fashion faux-pas?
    7. Best make-up tip?
    8. Go to pair of shoes?
    9. The item of clothing you’ve had the longest and why?
    10. What do you do to relax and waste time?
    11. Favourite blog?

    • beausandbows

      Thanks so much for the nomination! Unfortunately I don’t qualify for this award, but I really appreciate you thinking of me! You should totally do some beauty blogging (:

      -Tara Joy

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