#MarchMatteness Matte Drugstore Blush Picks.

A photo of an array of matte blushes from the drugstoreHey there bow friends!

Today’s #MarchMatteness is all about matte blushes.  Even better, all of these blushes are drugstore and under the $10 mark.  I’ve tried bunches of matte blushes and have found that so many of them are chalky and not at all pigmented.  Fortunately, Milani and e.l.f. makes some absolute winners.

Swatches of the selected matte blushes


Milani blushes are already some of my favorites.  They have a fantastic range of baked blushes that are gorgeous and glowy.  They have a beautiful matte berry shade in their baked collection called Bella Rosa that I love (but isn’t pictured), but recently they released a new spring collection of rose powder blushes that are all matte.  My favorites from the collection are Coral Cove (I wouldn’t have bought it if Meghan Tonjes hadn’t said it was perfect.  I saw her instagram post and immediately drove to Walgreens and grabbed it.  Worth it.) and Romantic Rose.  When I’m wearing a lipstick and can’t decide on what blush to go on with it, I almost always go for Romantic Rose.  I’ve never used a coral blush before and I’m slowly realizing I’ve been missing out.  Coral is the perfect summer and spring shade that’s bright without being too much.  The formulation of these blushes are perfect because they never look like I’ve over done it.

Some of the first blushes I ever owned were the e.l.f. Studio Blushes and I still use some of them to this day.  A stand out shade is Pink Passion, a fluoro hot pink that is beyond pigmented.  As bright as it is, it’s surprisngly wearable and offers the same natural and glowing look as Coral Cove does.  Recently, e.l.f. has begun to stock these amazing Studio Blush Palettes in the makeup sections of places like Walmart and Target.  I wasn’t sure how these would compare to the regular studio blushes, but they might be even better.  I have the palette in Dark (It comes in light and dark.) and 3 out of the 4 blushes are matte.  The colors are incredibly pigmented and wearable.  These blushes are almost creamy in texture and apply smoothly and evenly.  An incredible value for money.

These blushes are absolute gems.  They are high end quality without paying the high end price.  Do you have any favorite matte blushes?  I didn’t include any cream to powder matte finish blushes because I haven’t found any that offer a true matte finish.  Which of these do you like most?  I’m most impressed with the e.l.f. palette, to be honest.  It’s incredible.

I hope you enjoyed this post!  By the way, I put up a Mini Target Homeware Haul on my YouTube channel the other day.  Have you seen it yet?

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy ♥

9 thoughts on “#MarchMatteness Matte Drugstore Blush Picks.

    • beausandbows

      I used to be extremely intimidated by blushes, but I find once you experiment a little you can find the perfect shades that work for you. Don’t be afraid! (:

      -Tara Joy

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