#MarchMatteness My Favorite Matte Eye Products.

March Eye Products

Hey there bow friends,

Today’s #MarchMatteness post is all about getting a seamless matte eye look with the right products.  

When I do a matte eye, I like to have a creamy matte base to create an even texture.  Some of my favorites are any of the Maybelline Matte Color Tattoos especially Just Beige.  They create an even wash of color that eliminates discoloration and acts as a great primer.  I don’t think they are still readily available so my back up are the Jordana 12 Hour Made To Last Eyeshadow Pencils.  They are incredibly creamy, pigmented, and are a perfect base for a matte eye look.

So what shadows are going on over them?  My #1 option are the matte shades in the Lorac Pro Palette.  The shadows apply smoothly, evenly, and are quite possibly just as creamy as the actual cream products.  My favorites are mauve for all over the lid and taupe, espresso, or sable in the crease.  Lorac Pro’s are hard to come by, so my suggested alternative are the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palettes.  I only have the first one, but I find that the shades offered are extremely useful.  I even fill in my brows with this palette sometimes.  But let’s say you don’t want an entire palette.  I suggest investing in some MAC singles like Omega, Charcoal Brown, Copperplate, and Mystery.  Perfect neutral matte shades to blend out, or add to the lids.

What are your favorite matte eyeshadow products?  I will admit, I love some shimmer, but there is something about matte shades that is just so classic.  I hope you’re all enjoying #MarchMatteness as much as I am!  It’s offering me more of a reason to play around with my makeup and it’s been a ton of fun.

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy ♥

9 thoughts on “#MarchMatteness My Favorite Matte Eye Products.

  1. Pl

    Love your research and great tips! So, I was a Nordstrom Rack in San Francisco and they had a NYX Butt “Naked” 15 eyeshadow/4 blush/3 bronze (*Party for One*) compact. Based on your comments, I swooped it up and love it. Your column is fabulous – you are so cute! So pretty and smart..love reading you. Page Larkin

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