Lush Butter Bear Bath Bomb.

A Lush Bath Bomb Shaped Like  A Bear

Hey there bow friends,

I’ve been having a stressful start to my last semester and I’ve been looking for a lot of ways to destress.  Yoga, tea, working out, and kicking back with a mini Friends marathon all work a treat, but you know what’s even more comforting?  Bath time.  I love baths and I love them even more when they’re coupled with a lovely bath product.  I always look to Lush for the perfect bath time companion and I’ve always had a fantastic experience.  Until now.

Lush’s Butter Bear Bath Bomb is their Butterball Bath Bomb, but bear shaped for the holidays.  I had never used either before and was excited for the vanilla and cocoa butter to help relax me.  I prepped the bath and threw this little guy in only to be underwhelmed.  He fizzed for a minute or so and left behind little pieces of cocoa butter floating in the water.  This bath bomb promised to moisturize the skin and says it’s ideal for dry skin, but I was extremely disappointed.  The bath water didn’t feel any different or moisturizing at all.  Most bath bombs offer a color change, nice scent, or a super moisturizing properties (or even all three!), but this had none of those qualities.  I ended up adding vitamin E oil to my bath to help soften my skin, which worked great, but I kind of hoped this bath bomb would work on its own.

In the future, I’ll go for something like Dragon’s Egg or Twilight bath bombs for a relaxing bath.  Have you ever used Butter Bear?  What were your thoughts?

Speaking of relaxing, I’m going to take full advantage of the weekend and try to calm down from my hectic school life.  I hope you’re all having a lovely start to your weekend.

We shall talk soon.

-Tara Joy ♥

10 thoughts on “Lush Butter Bear Bath Bomb.

  1. fallenonmyfeet13

    The butter bear is one of ny favs as it dowa work for my skin but Twilight is also my top of all bath bombs. It really is relaxing and pretty all in one!

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