Bows On The Road: Iceland Day 2.

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So you all seemed to like Iceland day 1 and that’s super exciting to me.  For those of you commenting and keeping up with these posts, I was in Iceland in July of this year.  That means that right now in Iceland they are in their “period of darkness” where they don’t get very much sun.  Our time in Iceland was apparently one of the coldest summers they’ve had in a while, but it was so beautiful out.  Anyways, let’s get to day two.

On day two we had a picnic breakfast of pastries from Sandholt and made our way to the ferry for a ride to Videy Island.  Videy is this little island with a beautiful landscape that offers an incredible view of the city.  There are paths all over for nice walks and some times during the year there are horses to ride.  Oh and of course, there’s another park.  It’s also home to the Yoko Ono Imagine Peace Tower and this lovely restaurant where just about all of us ordered fish and chips.

After a ton of play time on the island, we spent a lot of time walking around Reykjavik and went out for some sushi at Sushibarinn.  The sushi was great and we also ended up getting some incredible beverages.  I got an acai berry and kiwi rum daiquiri and B got an elderflower drink.  Everything in Iceland is super scrumptious.  Sigh.  Can you tell I’m hungry now?

Well I hope you guys enjoyed day 2 and that you’re looking forward to day 3!  Day 3 is coming with a vlog and I can’t wait to show it to you.

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy ❤

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