The Last Minute Mini Gift Guide .

Stocking stuffers

Hey there, bow friends!

5 days left until Christmas.  How prepared are you?  Did you just remember you need to buy a gift for your second cousin you only met once?  Well, I’ve got your back.

I’ve been Christmas shopping since November and I came across a reoccurring theme in people’s gifts.  No matter the gender or age, I tend to get people a little something cozy, a little something practical, and then a little something special.  My something cozy tends to be fuzzy socks because everyone needs to wear a sweater on their feet.  Blankets, scarves, and hot water bottles also work perfectly for this time of year.

My favorite something practical I’ve found this year has been this Violoight Slim Sonic Electric Toothbrush.  A toothbrush might seem like a strange gift, but let me tell you this one is awesome.  I’m mostly into it because it comes with it’s own travel case, it actually works well, and it comes with a replacement head all for $15.  Somehow that blows my mind.

Now the something special can vary based on the person, but one of my favorite something specials this year is the Bite Beauty Mix N’ Mingle Lip Minis.  They even come wrapped up with a little tag and there are other formulas to choose from.  If you’re super stumped on a something special, no one has ever been disappointed by cookies or gift cards.

I hope you all find this helpful or at least a little inspirational.  Remember that if buying people things isn’t your thing, sharing time and memories together is one of the most fantastic gifts you can give.  Enjoy your friends and family this holiday season.

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy ❤

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