Bows On The Road: Iceland Day 1.

Iceland Air YounginsBeau Time Icelandic lunch at Glo Reykjavik  Veggie Burger

Hey there, bow friends!

Today’s post is the first in a series of photo heavy posts to lead up to the first Iceland vlog!  Yay!  Finally!  Day one was mostly adventuring around, playing in parks, and getting familiar with our surroundings.  We also spent some time in the National museum, which was a really lovely museum actually.  Icelandic culture and history is extremely interesting to learn about.  Reykjavik is honestly one of the most gorgeous cities I’ve ever been in.  Can we talk about the food though for a second?  That first photo is probably one of my favorite meals from the entire trip.  It’s from Glo, an amazing vegetarian restaurant we stopped in a few times.  You must eat there.  You have to.  That yummy burger down there?  That’s from Hamborgharafabrikkan (The Hamburger Factory).  I’ve become a fan of over easy eggs (which is just crazy for me) and on a veggie burger, it was absolutely delicious.  That’s one thing about Iceland I love.  It’s so easy to get your vegetarian food on most anywhere you go.  Well, it’s also easy to get your seafood/nice meats on too.

That’s it for day 1.  More in depth information on what we did that day along with some gorgeous footage will be up later this week!  I hope you enjoyed!

We shall talk soon.

-Tara Joy ❤

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