MAC Fall/Winter Picks 2014.

MAC Keepsakes Palette in Beige Eyes;  Tribalist Lipstick.Hey there bow friends!

Today I’m bringing you my 2014 MAC Fall/Winter picks.  You all loved my 2013 MAC Fall/Winter picks (So did I, it’s one of my favorite ones to date!) and with all their new collections out, I thought I would show you my favorites.

Out of their entire Heirloom Mix Holiday collection, I only lusted after two products: the Tribalist lipstick and the Keepsakes palette in Beige Eyes.  You know I’m a sucker for a red lip and I love a good neutral eye so these products were naturally winners in my eyes.  Can we talk about the packaging for a second?  The glittery victorian themed palette is absolutely adorable and the glitter lipstick packaging is perfect as well.

Some of these are limited edition shades so I can’t always link to them individually, but I will be linking to swatches and other reviews of these products done by other bloggers because having some other people’s opinions is always nice.

Her Mistress; Sovereign; Faire Maiden; Tempting; Omega; Quintessential; Mystery; Night Whisper.
From L to R – Her Mistress; Sweet Sovereign; Faire Maiden; Tempting; Omega; Quintessential; Mystery; Night Whisper.

This mix of neutral beiges and taupes offers the perfect palette for any look.  Day or night, simple or smokey.  The shades on the top row have warm undertones while the bottom row is all cool toned.

Let’s talk about the shades.  Her Mistress is a satin, beige shadow that works perfectly for brow highlights.  Sweet Sovereign is a frost finish, skin tone shade.  Faire Maiden is a gold, sparkly, frost.  Tempting is a deep, frosted bronze.  Omega is your basic matter taupe.  Quintessential is bronze, shimmering taupe. Mystery is a cool toned brown.  Night Whisper is an extremely dark brown.  One of the major selling points of this palette for me was that it comes with Mystery, the shade I use for my brows, making it perfect for traveling.  My favorite shades are Tempting (On the lid), Omega (blending out the crease), and Night Whisper (Outer V), all shades I used in the look I’m sharing in this post.

Tempting Shadow

Night Whisper creaseOmega

Tribalist Tribalist is an absolutely gorgeous shade that I think is a mix of a raisin and burgundy color. This is my first amplified finish lipstick and I’m extremely impressed.  The pigmentation and lasting power is off the charts with this shade and I find myself reaching for it constantly.  Plus, the creamy formula leads to the most comfortable wearing experience ever.

Tribalist ApplicationeyesFlip

I hope you all enjoyed seeing my favorites and find this helpful if you’re looking into this holiday collection.  These products have been my go-tos for the last month and I don’t see myself putting them down any time soon.

I’m having so much fun preparing for the holidays!  This is normally a high stress time of year, but somehow I’m prepared for once (knock on wood).  I hope you’re all having a great end to your month and you enjoy your Sunday.

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy ♥

Bonus reviews of these products by other lovely bloggers- 1, 2, 3.

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