OPI’s Big Apple Red.

OPI Big Apple RedHey there, bow friends!

Ever needed that perfect, classic shade to give your nail game a kick?  OPI Big Apple Red is as classic as it gets.  You’ve probably heard enough about it as it is incredibly popular, but what’s the harm in another glowing review?  I’ll keep it short and sweet.  This shade is perfect for year round wear and the great formula means it looks great for longer.  The red isn’t too deep, too orange, or too loud.  It’s absolutely perfect on toes too.  All around winner.

What shades are winners to you?  I’ve been looking for a perfect summer peachy pink, but I’m experiencing the struggle in a terribly hard way.  Any suggestions?  Also, isn’t this Archie’s adorable?  It’s the free comic book day issue.  I used to read these day in and day out when I was in grade school and my lovely brother brought this home for me one day.  It was a sweet dose of nostalgia.

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy  ❤

33 thoughts on “OPI’s Big Apple Red.

  1. easttowestsisters

    I remember looking at the check out stores for the new comics and I would always read them while my mom paid for groceries, but she would never let me buy them!!


    TAG! You’re it! Hehe. I’ve selected you to participate in the Lip Product Addict Tag! 🙂 Check out the latest blog post for details. Hope to see what you pick out soon! 😀
    ~East Coast

    • beausandbows

      I would do that too! A couple of times I would get stuck reading them and we would go to the car and then we would realize we never paid for it! Oops.

      Aww, thanks! I’ll probably do this in a video, but thank you so much for tagging me (: I’ll let you know when I do it.

      -Tara Joy

  2. reemsalam

    I used to love reading Archie comics when I was younger too! I love the red nail polish.
    As for other nail polishes, I’m leaning towards pastel colors and I can’t get enough of China Glaze’s Diva Bride (it’s pastel pink).

  3. Sarah Allen

    I’ve been looking for the perfect red for a while now, thanks for this! I’ll have to go pick it up & try it out.

  4. The Jewel Junkie

    that is a really nice red shade. I saw a peachy pink shade by Dior the other day at the mall. Might want to check it out or Essie got so many close shades like that.

    Oh and Archie was a huge part of my childhood, my friends and I used to collect them. Thanks for taking me back to that memory, I need that today.

    • beausandbows

      I agree! It’s gorgeous. I found one by Essie that is marvelous, but I’ll totally take a trip to the Dior counter. Thanks for the suggestion! (:

      I hope you’re alright and I’m glad I could send a positive memory your way.

      -Tara Joy

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