The Aroma Therapy Lotion Fix.

AromaTherapy LotionsHey there, bow friends!

I’m currently experiencing a large struggle.  I’m trying to make it through midterms without having an emotional breakdown in the library.  There’s only so much Chemistry and Exercise Physiology I can take.  I’m trying to do as many things as I possibly can to relax and destress.  Something I never thought about was scents and aroma therapy.

I actually love lotions and body sprays that have something to do with relaxation.  One of my newest favorites is this Stress-Fix Body Lotion from Aveda.  This isn’t something I’d ever pick up on my own, but Beau gave this to me as a gift and I’m in love.  It’s something I put on at night after showers and before studying.  The strong sage and lavender scent makes me feel a little more at ease.  The consistency of the lotion is pretty liquidy, but it blends in with little  to no effort.

If you keep up with my Luvocracy, you’d know about the awesome steal I got on the Korres Jasmine Body Butter.  I’m obsessed.  First off, the scent is incredible.  Sweet, soft, and completely calming.  It’s thick and hydrating without being greasy.  It’s also really soothing for overly dry skin.

And a lovely old favorite, The Bath and Body Works Sleep Lavender Chamomile Aroma Therapy Lotion (Whoa.  Long names.).  It honestly does calm me enough to help me sleep, uber relaxing.  I love all of the scents from the aroma therapy range and this one is probably my favorite.  They also make a pillow spray in the same scent that does wonders.

I hope you’re all doing well and trucking on through any obstacles you’re facing.  I think I’m going to appreciate my free time more than I ever have before.  Here’s to relaxing!

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy ❤

34 thoughts on “The Aroma Therapy Lotion Fix.

  1. twirlwithme

    Loved this! My favorite lotion right now is the Soft On You body lotion from Ginger and Co. It does not feel oily or greasy at all, and leaves your hands super soft and moisturized.

    • beausandbows

      They totally do! I can’t remember which shampoo and conditioner it was, but I used to use one that smelled like rosemary and oh man. I can never smell rosemary without remembering those.

      -Tara Joy

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