Lush Ultrabland Review.

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Over the winter break I noticed my face was losing some moisture and I thought I’d switch a couple things out in my skincare routine in order to help bump up the hydration.  I noticed that face wipes were drying out my skin a little bit and decided to look to something a bit more natural to remove my makeup.  Naturally, I went to Lush and found the Ultrabland Cleanser.Lush Ultrabland CleanserUltrabland LabelUltrabland TextureSo what do I think of it?  It’s absolutely lovely.  The texture is creamy and thick and it has the consistency and scent of vanilla frosting (Holy yum.).  I love how gentle it is on my skin.  It helps keep moisture to it without making me feel greasy.  It removes all of my face makeup thoroughly and depending on what kind of eye makeup I’m wearing, it removes all of that too.  It’s not great for removing waterproof mascara, but I always follow up with a cotton pad and some Neutrogena Eye makeup remover just in case I missed any spots.  It’s not as all powerful as coconut oil is, but I like that this remover doesn’t leave my skin oily.

I hope this was helpful if you’re thinking about switching up how you remove your makeup.  I still use coconut oil on nights where I don’t mind the coconuty goodness soaking into my skin and I still use makeup wipes before cleansing on nights where I’m too tired to mess around.

I hope you all are doing well!  I’m extremely stressed and have my midterms coming up. Wish me luck!

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy ❤

PS:  Want to see and read how I actually use the cleanser?  Read More!

So this cleanser acts as a balm cleanser and eats up my face makeup without stripping my skin of its natural oils.  I use this as I would coconut oil or any another balm cleanser. I rub it all over and massage it into the skin for a minute or two.  I soak a face flannel in warm water and lay it over my face and use that to remove all of my makeup and the cleanser.  Whenever I wear makeup (especially with a primer) I always double cleanse, so I’ll follow up with the Origins Zero Oil Cleanser.

MakeupToo muchUltrabland AppliedRemovedGross, but awesome, right?!  I really love the whole ritual of using this before cleansing.  It really helps soften my skin.

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  1. alexwain

    Hiya, your blog is lovely, I’m new to this but found your blog straight away you have really good posts! Thanks for the recommendation I love lush products but I’m sometimes too scared to try out new things on my skin in case of break outs, I have slightly dry skin and I find the facial moisturiser in ‘celestial’ perfect for day or night! it would be cool if you checked my new blog out or had any advise for starting out ?
    ~ ally xo

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