Getting Personal: Bits and Bobs.

Hey there, bow friends!

I know, I bet you weren’t expecting another post today, but I realized I had a lot of stuff to tell you all.  This post will be full of exciting blog milestones and some new bloggy stuff that’s going on.


First things first!  In April of this year, B&B hit 1,000 followers!  In almost exactly a year 1,000 of you came together to make my little space on the internet a little bit more cheery and cozy.  On October 8th, B&B reached 2,000 followers.  You guys.  Our little community here doubled in 6 months.  That’s mad!  Even crazier?  We reached 3,000 followers in exactly one month.  One month.  And you all gave me the best early Christmas gift ever.  Late, late last night B&B hit 4,000 followers.  If you follow me on twitter, you would have found out about all of Beaus and Bows milestones as they have come along.  I love being able to talk to you all and share the things I love with you.  You have all made this such a great experience for me.  I adore you.

LuvocracySince it’s the holidays, I know you’ll be seeing a lot of gift hauls on youtube and on blogs.  I posted one last year, but I think I might be going about hauls in general a little differently this year.  I’ve hopped onto the Luvocracy train and I love it.  It’s kind of like pinterest for shopping and wishlists, but it’s even better because the site does the work for you and scours the web for the cheapest price, including shipping, from a reputable merchant.  It’s great to be able to shop straight through the site and it’s safe.

When it comes to new stuff I tend to buy things here and there rather than just splurge every penny at one time.  I feel odd throwing hauls in so often, so I decided unless I have a huge, important, special group of new products, I’d include the things I pick up here in there in a collection on Luvocracy and with each entry, I’ll include a snippet on my first impressions and why I bought it.  I think it’s a really great and organized idea for keeping track of everything you have and wish you did.  I encourage you all to have a look into Luvocracy because it’s a lot of fun and really convenient.  Right now in the recent purchases collection are the things I received for my birthday a couple of weeks back.

Alright, buddies.  I think that is gonna be it for me.  I feel like I have a million more things to tell you, but to be honest, I’m all curled up in bed and getting really sleepy.  And it’s only 2:20.  I hope you are all having an awesome day and aren’t as much of a sleepy lump as I am.

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy ❤

14 thoughts on “Getting Personal: Bits and Bobs.

  1. nmaha

    Congrats on that amazing milestone. I just found your blog today and I must say, you have an awesome smile. It makes me want to read your blog (silly?!) 🙂 Happy New Year and I’ll be back for more.

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