Day 4 – Holiday Outfits – Cocoa Cozy.

Hey, bow friends!

Today I’m bringing you the most I-feel-like-I’m-wearing-pajamas-but-I’m-not outfit of them all.  This is the kind of thing to wear when you’ve got friends coming over to watch movies or play video games and it’s just way too cold to not be in cozy clothes.Comfortable DayI’m obsessed with those fuzzy, mohair sweaters.  I want them all.  I wore this blue polka dot one on the plane to Colorado during Thanksgiving break and beau actually snuggled me the entire way there.  It’s so soft.  Like I want to sleep in it.  Live in it forever.  And the jeans I’m wearing are actually an extremely soft denim that feel like the perfect mix between leggings and skinnies.  I don’t know how they’ve done it, but they are my favorite.  I think they’re still up on the site so I’ll make sure to link them below.  You need them in your life.

Born Lippy and Rose SalveBorn Lippy and Rose SalveLC Patterned Mohair Sweater/LC Skinny Ankle Pants/ AE Knit Slippers (similar)/The Body Shop Born Lippy in Watermelon/ C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve

When I’m at home, I’m constantly keeping both my body and my lips hydrated.  Two products I’ve been using non-stop are the Born Lippy lip balm and Rose Salve.  I would have never tried the Born Lippy lip balm, but my super sweet buddy Georgina sent one to me in watermelon and my word.  It is so yummy.  Plus it makes my lips feel conditioned and smooth.  The rose salve is something I have been obssessed with for so long.  My roommate introduced me to it and let me use hers for the longest time.  It has such a sweet scent and smooth texture.  I also sneak some of this onto my cuticles to help soften them.  It’s awesome.

I hope you guys love this cozy outfit.  I know, not exactly a holiday shindig look, but I have to be honest to myself.  I spend most of the holidays in the comfiest of clothes.  We’re winding down to the last look!  Can you guys guess what it will be?  I’ll hint to you, it’s probably the classiest I’ve ever looked.

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy ❤

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