Getting Personal: Hitting the Highlights.

Hey there, bow friends!

I’ve been gone forever.  I mean, ages.  I have had things to do constantly and my normal photographer (Beau, of course.) and I haven’t been seeing much of each other.  We are both way too busy.  So unfortunately, that meant there wasn’t a lot of blogging time going on.  I thought I’d include a little (phone) photo heavy post talking about the highlights of my weeks away to catch you guys up a little.


Backtracking to Halloween, my roommate and I decided to go the Disney route.  I decided to be Snow White and my roomie went as a girly Bambi.  To capture the Bambi look, I did her makeup loosely based on this tutorial, but I tweaked it to flatter her natural features a bit more.  Yes, it took ages and a lot of bronzer.

Mickey Ice Cream

The week of Halloween was stressful.  Absolutely horrid.  In order to free ourselves of all of our responsibilities for the day, the roomie and I fled to Disney World.  I haven’t been there since we first moved to Florida years and years ago so this seemed like a fantastic idea.  Of course, the day we decided to go it was pouring rain, but that worked to our advantage.  We were prepared with ponchos and there were hardly any people there.  We went on every ride at least twice before dinner time.  The Monsters Inc. ride is perfection, by the way.

Meal Round UpWe ate at the new Beauty and the Beast Castle Be Our Guest restaurant for Lunch (We ate in Beast’s bedroom.  It was both terrifying and beautiful.) and then Tony’s, The Lady and The Tramp restaurant, you know, the one with the meatball.  As a vegetarian, I was really nervous about eating at the park, but found a ton of healthy and reasonably priced vegetarian options.  I had a quinoa and beet salad with arugula and balsamic at one point and it was absolutely delicious.  I was really surprised actually.  The park was filled with places with healthy food.  It actually seemed like the processed, sugary stuff was pricier than the fruit and other clean snacks.  Who knew?
AdventureClubThis Friday, Beau, some friends, and I headed back to the House of Blues for another EDM show.  This time we had the chance to see Adventure Club.  Unlike our last experience at Zedd, this show was filled with really young kids.  I’m talking like..6th and 7th graders running around half nude in spandex bathing suit bottoms and combat boots.  I was really uncomfortable about it.

Adventure ClubBeau and I eventually got tired of the little ones running around (I feel like a grandma, but seriously, way too many shenanigans going on that night.) and sat up on some couches in the balcony and just enjoyed the night.  Oh man.  I danced a ton.  They slowed it down toward the middle of the set and it was so seamless and different.  I loved that transition. It ended up being such a lovely evening.

Alright.  I hope you have had a good peek in on what has been keeping me busy.  Of course, embedded through all of these lovely events were papers, meetings, and lengthy reading assignments.  Ahh, but such is life.  I hope you guys are doing well.  I miss talking to you all.  I’m back in action.  You’ll be hearing a lot from me.  Pinky promise!  We shall talk soon, buds.

-Tara Joy ❤

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