Getting Personal: A Sad and Dreary Update.

Rain day

Hey there, bow friends.

I know I haven’t been posting much recently and I thought I would let you know why.  This week marks the one year anniversary of a very close friend’s passing.  I’ve been spending a lot of times with friends as we are trying to keep each other  in high spirits.  I’m sad to add that this week my uncle passed away.  There’s a lot of family support going on right now and that’s where my focus is.  Being with my family.

I’ll hopefully get back into the groove after some time.  Blogging really does make me happy so I’ll be taking some pictures and things to cheer me up.  Thanks for sticking around and being patient with me though.  I love you all for it.

Have a wonderful weekend and we shall talk soon.

-Tara Joy ❤

10 thoughts on “Getting Personal: A Sad and Dreary Update.

  1. chloescravings

    August 3rd was the year anniversary of my best friend passing as well. Just wanted to say it was comforting to read this, to see that someone knows how that aching feeling in your heart never goes away. Life can hand us the toughest sorrows. Here for you if you need to talk!

    On the brighter side, I love your blog! Love finding other blogs who love what I love 😉

    Dont forget to check out my fashion blog;) Also just joined the team of and am now a Fashion Blogger for POPSUGAR Select! Doing a giveaway soon, so stay tuned for that as well! 😉

    Fashion Instagram: chloescravings
    Popsugar Select Blog: Chloe’s Cravings

    • beausandbows

      Thanks so much (: It’s so absolutely comforting to know someone else knows how that kind of loss lingers. It’s definitely something you have to deal with day by day. Really, thank you for leaving me this (:

      Aww, thanks girl! Love yours too!

      -Tara Joy

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