Getting Personal: Happy Birthday, Baby.

Fassbender Cake
Classy classy birthday cake for this broad of a blog.

Hi there, bow friends!

Yesterday was B&B’s 1 year anniversary!  We are 1 years old.  Whoa.  I’m so happy to see how far this blog has come.  You have no idea.  I’m so happy to see my little space of the internet grow and blossom.  I’m unbelievably appreciative about the fact that I’ve been able talk to so many of you.  My blog has been a way to talk about all the things that make me happy and interest me without feeling uncomfortable.  It’s grown into so much more than that.  I love talking to all of you in the comments and getting tips and feedback.  You’re so helpful, did you know?! Instead of me passionately rambling on, I wanted to let you guys know my wishes for the year to come.

  • I want to get to talking to you all more on twitter!  The few of you who have tweeted at me and talked to me have made my day.  Seriously, I love interacting with you all.  You can tell me anything.  What products you’re loving, what products you’re hating, how excited you are that Arrested Development is only 1 day away.  Absolutely anything.
  • After my post with Warby Parker (1,2,3,4,5) I’ve decided to do some more fashion posts.  I had a lot of fun with all the styling I got to do and I can’t wait to do something like it again.
  • I’ll be posting a ton more reviews because I literally have a bucket with like 20 products in there ready to be talked about.  Some products aren’t so new, but I love them too much to not talk about.  You feel me?
  • I want to open more and I plan on it.  I’ve shown a lot more of myself through my Getting Personal posts and I think those are my favorite to write.  I like sharing snippets of me through out all the product reviews and favorite posts.  I think it makes things a little more special.

Finally!  I want to say thank you to all of you.  There are over 1,000 of you following Beaus and Bows now and I wouldn’t have the same experience without each and every one of you.  I’m having so much fun and there’s no way it’s going to stop.  I love you very very very much.  I want to give you all personal hugs or something.  Or maybe just a present (hint hint)…

I hope you all are having an awesome weekend!  I’ll be posting again soon.

-Tara Joy ❤

11 thoughts on “Getting Personal: Happy Birthday, Baby.

  1. aregularcupofjo

    Congrats on the one year anniversary. It is a great milestone and something you should be proud of. I recently started blogging and seeing this motivates me to continue writing. Best of luck and keep up the amazing work 🙂

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