Day 4 – Warby Parker x Beaus and Bows.

Hey, bow friends!

This week is moving so slowly, but believe it or not, I’m really loving posting so frequently.  It’s a  breath of fresh air on this research paper filled days.

Today I’m sharing with you the pair my parents liked, the Sims in Violet Magnolia. This is the perfect opportunity to show you my go-to daughtery outfit.  My parents are big on going out on family dinners and this would be something I’d wear on one of our outings for Italian or sushi.  Unfortunately, due to odd weather, there weren’t a lot of good shots of what was going on glasses wise, but I’ll include as much as I can.


The Sims are in Violet Magnolia are such a beautiful pair of frames.  The violet accents along the frame really flattered my skin tone as well as my brown eyes.  Their rectangle shape isn’t as blunt or bold as the Reynold or the Clyde, but still offers structure.

I stuck to the same, simple make up for this outfit too as I don’t feel the need to slather on a lot of makeup if I’m just going to dinner with my family. PurseThis dress, cardigan, and sandals combination is something I use constantly when I’m trying to look more “family friendly.”  This cardigan is actually a men’s Ralph Lauren wool cardigan with brown leather elbow patches.  It was a steal at $17 on sale considering it was a $245 cardigan.  It pays to look in the men’s clearance section.   Like my studded smoking slippers, these are my go-to shoes for warmer days.  I have run these sandals into the ground and they’re still going strong.  Here’s to another very hopeful 2 years!  My bag is a tapestry bag I picked up at a department store in Germany over the summer.  I’ve just taken it out of its closet retirement to take the place of my brown structured bag. Poor thing needed a break.

Creepy lip picture ohmygawsh.

The dress is plain and simple which is why I added the peter pan collar necklace to break things up and offer some more interest. I love peter pan collars and this is the first collar necklace I’ve really fallen for.  It’s not too overwhelming and isn’t physically heavy.  I think it helps amplify the retro attitude of the Sims frame.

BushesPeter Pan Collar Necklace (similar)/dress/cardigan/Sandals (similar)

Thanks for reading, guys!  We’ve only got one day left, and I’m saving the best for last!

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy ❤

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