Did You Know I’m On the Internet?


Hello there, bow friends!

If you didn’t know, I’m on the internet.  Cool huh?  You too?  We have so much in common.  Anyways.  I have a lot of my internet places listed in the Contact section up there ^, but I thought I’d officially let you know in an official post where else I am!

  • Follow my blog with Bloglovin – Apparently, the world is on blog lovin’ and I don’t know how I didn’t join sooner.  It really makes blogging suuuuuuuper clean and convenient.  That’s how I like things to be.
  • Chirp to me on tweetter – I have never really been a twitter person.  Fast forward to now.  I check my twitter between classes.  I check my twitter on my breaks.  I check my twitter during commercials.  I check my twitter while I wait for my meal.  Let’s just say..I check my twitter, okay?  So if you’d like to talk about beauty, fashion,….food, how neither of us can wait for the release of all new episodes of Arrested Development, that’s the place to be.
  • Birds of a feather Pin together – I’m now on Pinterest!  I never thought I’d say that in a million years.  I was looking at a blog post about organizing by color and thought “I need to remember this.”  This thought was followed by me yelling “SCREW IT.” out loud and typing “pinterest.com” into my browser.  So I made one.  I’m not addicted (yet), but I love how helpful it is with keeping things I want to be inspired by or remember for the future.
  • I’ll tell you what I want – What I really really want.  I couldn’t not finish that.  So want worthy is a cool site where you stick the site in your bookmarks and every time you see something online that makes your wallet ache, you can put it in a list with its price.  Kinda like a wish list.  It’s so easy to use and actually really helpful. You can follow other people’s lists too. It’s pretty nifty.

So let’s create a greater connection with each other!  I wanna know you.  I want you to know me better too.

I hope you guys had a great week.  It’s the weekend!  Enjoy yourselves.

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy ❤

6 thoughts on “Did You Know I’m On the Internet?

  1. beausandbows

    It’s pretty simple to do! You go to your settings and there should be a button that says “claim blog.” All you do is follow the onscreen instructions and tada! You can always join bloglovin without having your blog on it.

    -Tara Joy

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