Shoe Unboxing: Jeffrey Campbell Night Walks.

Hi there, bow sweeties!

I know I’ve been absent, but with much reason!  I had quite the stressful week as well as an intense (and absolutely a-freakin-mazing) weekend at Playlist Live!  But more on that during the week.  Let’s get into what I’ve got to share today!

These lovely, black suede, sweethearts are the Jeffrey Campbell Night Walks.  I ordered mine from Nasty Gal, which is totally my new online window shopping obsession.  I got them on sale for $85.00, but they were originally $170. Bargain.

What was not so great about them was how they got here.  I had been tracking my package relentlessly.  They were to have arrived on the 17th of December.  The 17th had passed and the online tracker had said they were already delivered when they hadn’t been.  I searched the house just incase someone else had brought the package inside, but alas, they did not.  I called Nasty Gal and they were nothing but friendly and helpful.  I stayed in contact with them and the shipping company as they tried to figure out where my shoes went.  Fast forward to December 24th at around 10:30 pm.  I was trying to take a nap before having to go to midnight mass when I heard the door bell ring.  I assumed that my dad would get the door and he did.  I had lost all hope of it being my shoes.  But it was! A true Christmas miracle!  What had actually happened was that when my dad answered the door, there was a small boy holding my package saying that that package was ours.  When my dad asked where he came from he said “I’m not allowed to talk to strangers,” and he left. So I’m thinking this kid was stealing packages off people’s porches (as boys in my neighborhood tend to do) and he might have gotten in trouble when his parents found a package covered in the words “Nasty Gal.”

Jeffrey Campbell Box

Now let’s get into the shoes!  I got them in an 8.5 due to a recommendation saying to get the next half size up. I’m glad I listened, because they fit absolutely perfectly.  They are surprisingly very comfortable.  I think the lack of heel might have something to do with it.  They aren’t necessarily hard to walk in, but do take some practice.  I’d say that if you’re not good at walking in heels just yet, you might want to go for an easier style to pick up, like the Lita.  The 3″ platform makes the lack of heel a whopping 7″ high.  That makes me 5’10” in these babies.  That also means when I wear them, I’m only…7″s shorter than my beau (*sigh* that’s still a lot).  I love the suede of these and also love that they don’t get dirty quickly.  They also come in dust bags when packaged which is really convenient and helpful in ensuring they last a long time.


Speaking of packaging, I love the cats on the inside of the box.  It was even better because my cat, Faye, couldn’t get enough of the box.  I think she just really likes these.  The box is pretty sturdy and I’m using it to keep these bad boys stored safely.  I think this is the basic and most commonly used box pattern of Jeffrey Campbells, but they have come out with bunches of others.Date Night Outfit

I know what you’re thinking.  “When and how are you ever going to wear those?!”  When I first bought them, I had no worries about how I would wear them.  When I finally got my hands on them, I walked across the house a million times.  I only fell when I encountered my bedroom carpet. Total face plant.  I styled them with a circle skirt and loose knit oatmeal jumper for a nice dinner date with the beau.  I don’t get to wear these often enough, but when I do I feel like they give my outfit a little something extra.  If they’re your style (and on sale!) I say go for it.

I’ve got a slew of posts to come, bow friends!  Like you wouldn’t believe.  I’m super excited to start pouring them out and let you in on some exciting things that will be happening!  Wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise though so you’ll have to wait and see!

Have a great Easter weekend!  We shall talk soon.

-Tara Joy ❤

27 thoughts on “Shoe Unboxing: Jeffrey Campbell Night Walks.

  1. misslgolightly

    Those shoes look beautiful but daunting! Having had my fair share of face planting in clubs I’m not sure if I would have had the guts to buy them! Very impressed that you took the plunge! x

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