A Face and Body and Face and Body Haul.

Mac Face and Body in C4; Lush Dark Angels; Paperself X Broken Heart lashes; Lush Golden Slumbers Bath Bomb; Sandstone Soap; Fresh Farmacy; Figs and Leaves Soap.
Mac Face and Body in C4; Lush Dark Angels; Paperself X Broken Heart lashes; Lush Golden Slumbers Bath Bomb; Sandstone Soap; Fresh Farmacy; Figs and Leaves Soap.

Hey there bow friends!

I am happy to report an extra amazing 91 on my extremely challenging Psychology midterm.  And with that came a treat.  I walked into Lush with a budget of $20 and made it through quite well.  I was also on a mission to find a new all natural cleanser for my oily skin and of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to Lush without getting something for pampering.

Paperfelt lashes and Golden Slumbers bath bomb

Fresh Farmacy and Figs and Leaves soap

Dark Angels and Paperfelt lashesMac Face and Body in C4 $27.00 – This was a gift from my mama after she heard me talking about it with a friend.  I haven’t tried it on yet due to a bugger of an eye infection.  I’m hoping that this will be just enough coverage to help even out my skin, but not too much coverage to where I feel like I have to slap on a full face of make up to look normal.  Know what I mean?  I’ll let you know how I get on with this.

Lush Dark Angels $4.64 – I’ve only used this once so far, but I do love it.  It gets super messy, but I used it in the shower to help keep that under control.  Funny story.  If you’re not EXTREMELY thorough with the rinsing…you’ll end up with a charcoal beard.  When I walked into my room after my bath, the beau made sure to laugh his socks off at the five o’clock shadow I didn’t know I had acquired.

Paperself X Broken Heart lashes $9.00 – Now I know what you’re thinking, “Tara.  The hell do you need these for?” The answer is I have no idea.  This was a major impulse buy from Sephora.  It was on sale which made it that much more alluring.  I will say, I’ve been lusting after a pair ever since I saw this post on sleepandwater on a version essence put out.

Lush Golden Slumbers Bath Bomb $6.40 – When we went shopping, we took my grandma along and she got sucked in to the wonderfulness that is Lush.  She decided she had to have a bath bomb after we watched a Lush employee do her magic with this one.  Grandma and I both have problems getting to bed early and thought we would split this one in half and use it for before bed bubble baths since lavender is so calming.

Sandstone Soap $3.24 – This is my all time favorite Lush product ever.  I love the lemony fresh scent as well as the nice exfoliating grittiness of the bar.  I can’t get soap at Lush without buying some of this. Mmmmjsdgfkdg.

Fresh Farmacy $4.52 – I was really itching to try this for my oily skin after hearing Barbara from the ThePersianBabe talk about this sensitive skin face wash in her favorites video.  I’m willing to try anything.  Since I attract any mosquito in a 10 mile radius during the summer, I’m no stranger to calamine lotion.  Apparently there’s a hefty amount of calamine in this face wash and I’m excited to see what it does for my skin.

Figs and Leaves Soap – The girl who helped me out at Lush also allowed me to choose my own sample (She also called me baby 17 times within the 15 minutes we were in there..I started counting after the 3rd time.)  I just liked the scent of this one and haven’t ever tried it before.

I haven’t done a haul in ages (probably a good thing) and couldn’t wait to share what I got.  I  am going to be especially late with my February favorites as I came home for spring break..and forgot my memory card with the photo at my dorm.  Of course.

I have some shadowing to do at a dentist office (wish me luck!) and can’t wait to experience that.  I urge you to do something very out of the box this week.  I think we get so stuck in our normal routine that things just get boring.  Do something scary.  I hope you all have a lovely week!

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy ❤

6 thoughts on “A Face and Body and Face and Body Haul.

  1. beccaandellie

    Hello 🙂 You seem to love beauty just as much as me! We just created our blog, beautyblogxo and would really appreciate a follow back! No pressure, just if you can 🙂

    – Becca 🙂

  2. Anjo Angela Lim

    I recently took pictures (like a ninja because I was in the library and hiding from the tyrannical staff) from the art and beauty etc section of the Globe and Mail picture about the most recommended make up/night and day creams/face tools, etc. I think they took up 2 bloody pages—and that’s huge for newspapers. I believe you’d like them! Will upload and link you the pics 🙂

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