Wishes: A Shoe for Any Occasion.

January Wishes

Hey there, bowies!

Although my spending ban is in full effect, there are still somethings I’m absolutely craving.  Like shoes, for instance.

From left to right:

  • Ice Cream Mint Loafer by Chic Wish – $49.90 Mother Bow was recently telling me a story about how she wore a very trusty pair of loafers all through college.  I’ve been searching for some, but I find these to be a really great color and style.  Loafers are in fact classic and can make any outfit look really smart.  I’m thinking floral dresses in the spring and with dark denim, light sweaters, and statement accessories.
  • Jeffrey Campbell Tardy Platform Boots in Black – $198 These are completely different than the classy slip ons mentioned previously.  These lace ups are tons more daring with a whopping five and three-quarter inch heel.  I think these would be extremely versatile in any number of colors.  I’d probably style them with disco pants and a collared shirt, tights a skater skirt and graphic tee, or jeans and a silk blouse.
  •  Steve Madden Olympiaa Wedge Sneakers – $99.99 I’m sure these are even more unexpected.  When this hidden wedge trend started earlier in 2012, I was extremely skeptical to say the least.  It’s taken me months.  Now I’m yearning for a pair.  I love how casual they look and the added height wouldn’t hurt either!  I’m not exactly sure how I’d style this kind of shoe, which is what is holding me back from investing in a pair.  How long do you think this trend will last?
  • Maxstar C50 7-Holes Zipper Platform Sneakers in White – $39.98 These babies are a shoe I’m actually going to try to get my hands on as soon as possible.  The great plus is, of course, the high platform.  I have a pair of low top white converse, but somehow find that they pinch my toes uncomfortably.  I think these will be a much better fit.  They’re definitely a casual pair, but I imagine they would be an extremely comfortable addition to any shoe collection.

I’m glad I could share a little peek into my wishes this month and really loved writing this!  How would you style these shoes?  What are you craving this month?

Have a good day, all!  We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy ❤

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