Getting Personal: 2013 – A Clean Slate.


Hey there, bow friends!

It’s time for a clean slate.  Restart.  Do over.  Around the new year, most bloggers talk about resolutions they have and goals they hope to reach.  I’m about to jump on that band wagon.  This might be a long one, so get comfy!

  • Get personal – When it comes to my blog, I want to be more open with who I am.  I want to share some personal bits and bobs about my day and through out the week.  I love you all for sticking around and I’m actually greatly surprised that there’s lovely people like you that are actually interested in what I have to say.  I want to share more of myself with you all as well as gain more of a connection.  There’s a few ways I’m going reach this goal.  You’ll have to wait and see what I’ve got up my sleeve!
  • Shaping up – A very common new year’s resolution is losing weight.  Weight loss has been a battle for me through out my life, but through the fall and winter of 2012, I actually began taking slow and steady steps into creating a healthier me by working out everyday.  I’m going to keep this going in 2013 and take it up a notch with being extremely on top of what I eat.  This also includes drinking water like it’s going out of style, green tea for breakfast, and not eating after 8 (which I do so much of since I stay up til 2 am during the school week…sigh).
  • Good grades for keeps – This last semester, I really impressed myself with how I did in school.  I’m definitely going to keep that going.  Part of that (as odd is this may seem) is definitely rewarding myself when I’ve done well.   A on a paper?  I’m gonna treat myself to some lipstick.  The reward system definitely works.
  • Spending ban – May the tears start rolling now.  You may be confused – how the heck is she going to reward herself and keep a spending ban going?  Aha.  Loop hole.  My spending ban is based mostly on my love for buying clothes.  I’m going to limit myself to only buying work out clothes when those that I own become ill fitting.  I’m only really going to treat myself to make up or skin care when I truly deserve it.  In order to keep it from getting out of whack, I’ve created a little wish list on my phone (with prices) so when it does come to reward time, I don’t go crazy.  This clothing spending ban will be no more once I actually need to buy clothes because mine aren’t fitting.  Yeah.  I’ve got big goals.
  • Let it all out – Lastly, I’m going to push myself to let out my creative energy.  That may sound kind of crazy, but I really need to give this a good go.  I have times when I don’t leave my room and lay in bed alone all day.  As great as that sounds, by the second or third day, you get pretty bored out of your mind.  During those moments of my life, I’ve decided I’m going to let the feelings out.  I used to draw a lot as a kid as well as take oodles of dance classes.  Whether it’s dancing alone in my room or knitting the night away, I want to create something – anything.

Thanks for being with me through half of 2012!  I can’t wait to see B&B grow and flourish.  I also can’t wait to get a closer with you all.  I think that’s what makes the blogging community a beautiful place.  We have the ability to create bonds with people interested in what we are interested in through the glorious lovely internet.  It’s a crazy place, the world we live in.

I hope your new year has started out swimmingly!

We shall talk soon!

-Tara Joy ❤

3 thoughts on “Getting Personal: 2013 – A Clean Slate.

  1. sleepandwater

    Fantastic resolutions! I hope that you go far with each of them. A spending ban is challenging but it’s very rewarding – I like the idea of sticking with a wishlist so that when you do treat yourself, it’s with something you really want and will be happy with – no impulse buys or unnecessary expenditure. A creative outlet is also so vital – anything to get back in touch with that side should be encouraged and cultivated at every opportunity 🙂

    • beausandbows

      Thank you! If I’m not mistaken, you took part in a spending ban, right? Any tips? I’m really excited to get back into the creative groove. I don’t know how I let it escape from my everyday life!

      -Tara Joy

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