Beauty Exploration: Winter Nightstand Mini Routine.

night stand products

Hi there, bow friends!

The cold is creeping in to the Florida winter days (ahahahaha.  right.) and so my family and I have been turning on the heater like it is going out of style.  Indoor heating can be extremely drying and harsh on your skin even though it feels lovely.  Last night when I crawled into bed, I realized I’ve formulated a little routine for myself to avoid waking up with parched skin, chapped lips, and dry hands. It’s just a few products, but I thought they were worth mentioning because they work marvelously.

  • Blistex Lip Medex Lip Protectant – $. 97 I picked up this pot in Walgreens one day when I felt like my lips were cracking off my face.  What an image.  It’s not greasy and smells a bit medicinal which I like.  My lips are soft and hydrated when I wake up in the morning without fail.
  • Fresh Sugar Kisses Lip Treatment – I got this cute and sweet little mini lip duo set as a free birthday gift from Sephora.  After I brush my teeth and wash my face and go through my moisturizing routine, I use some of the lip treatment so my lips are fresh and prepped for any lip product I plan on using that day.
  •  Evian Water Facial Spray – $14.00 I featured this little one in my birthday haul.  May I just say I’ll probably have to go out and buy more because I have so many uses for them.  After my teeth brushing, face washing, and moisturizing, I clean my room or watch tv until I’m finally ready to get some sleep.  To refresh my moisturizer, I give my skin a nice misting.
  • Soap and Glory Hand Food – $5.00 I just got this little baby in the mail a few days ago.  I got the travel size for only $5.00 (I say only because I just recently spent $18.00 on some hand cream to give as a gift – sigh), but I feel that I’m gonna go grab the larger size as soon as possible.  Believe the hype.  Not greasy at all and it has such a fresh scent.  The packaging says it contains marshmallow which only makes it more exciting to me.  I apply it last thing and my hands feel soft and smooth in the morning.

And that is that!

Spiced Apple Toddy

I thought I’d mention the few other things that live on my nightstand!   Tell All by Chuck Palahniuk ( my absolute favorite author) is the book nestled into the background.  I haven’t picked it up in ages, but hopefully I’ll get a chance to settle down with it during my break.  The Mini Spiced Apple Toddy candle from Bath and Body Works has filled my room with what I can only describe as a rich apple cider scent.  It smells like long walks looking at Christmas lights.

I’m off to go through my little routine right now.  Have a great night, bow friends, and happy Christmas Eve eve!

-Tara Joy ❤

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