A Special Day for a Special Beau.


Hey there, bow friends!

Today is my very lovely beau’s birthday so I thought I’d let you know a little more about the mystery man behind the camera.  So here’s some fun facts!

  • My beau is a very passionate pilot.  He flies a few times a week and even works around planes.
  • He is absolutely obsessed with sauces.  Hot sauce.  Chipotle sauce.  Barbecue sauce.  Soy sauce. Saucy sauce.  Name the sauce, he’s probably tried it.
  • Speaking of sauces, he’s quite the cook!  He’ll cook anything.  He is especially wonderful at grilling.  Forget summer, he’ll grill all year round.
  • The beau loves a good adventure.  He’s travelled all over.  Traveling is extremely important to me and important to him as well!  This summer alone he spent some time in Iceland, Italy, Belgium, and Germany!
  • He is quite the shy guy.   When we first met the only thing I heard him say was hello.
  • He does not like shopping.  At all.  He comes along with me and helps me choose things, but he’s not about to suggest a shopping spree.
  • He’s my guinea pig!  We go to the store together and try different skin care products to match his skin.  He has dry, sensitive skin and I have super oily skin.  I love helping him with it because it gives me a really great understanding of how skin different than mine works.  He’s actually quite the good sport about it!

And with that I wish him a very wonderful birthday!  And here’s to many more!


-Tara Joy ❤

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