Giveaway Opportunity: Christian Louboutins.

Hey there, bow friends!  I was just popping in because I just came across this amazing giveaway!  This is in no way sponsored, but I thought this is one of the coolest giveaways I’ve seen in a while and I wanted to share the great opportunity with all of you.


We all know how classic and gorgeous Christian Louboutins are, but to get them for free?!  That makes them even better!

So how do you enter?  It’s super easy!

1.  You go here and click the like button for E-tailwebstores Facebook page.

2.  You can then sign in through Facebook or your own email address.

3.  There are multiple ways to gain entries!

As of right now there are 12 days until a winner is picked.  Get entering!

Good luck everybody!  If luck is with you and you happen to win, let me know!

Have a good rest of the day, lovelies!

-Tara Joy ❤

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